Phasemation EA-350 Phono Amplifier
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Phasemation EA-350 Phono Amplifier

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Phasemation EA-350 Phono Amplifier

An all discreet, all step symmetric non-feedback phono amplifier that supports balance inputs and draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion.

IInside is an MC transformer for balancing which is accomplished the first time for this class

Last year, using our knowledge gained from making T-2000 which sparkled having won many awards last year, we built in a step-up transformer with a special split winding structure supporting balanced transmissions of a 26dB gain and this makes an MC balanced transmission.
Three input terminals are equipped and MM/MC switching is possible for each. (Inputs 1 and 2 support balanced inputs)

A 10mm thick aluminum material is used on the front panel and the chassis is elegant and strong and it is structured following the designs of CA-1000 and T-2000.

We adopted a strong housing structure that is composed with a 10mm thick slant aluminum panel for the front, a 1.6mm thick copper platted steel plate chassis base, and a 1.6mm thick copper platted steel plate cover and this preserves the rigidity and decreases the magnetic strain.
In addition, the elegant designs of CA-1000 and T-2000 are adopted and the played sound can be enjoyed with elegance, overwhelming realism, a panoramic stage, high resolution, and high S/N.

conversion type full-stage symmetrical non-feedback amplifier circuit due to all discreet parts

The negative feedback amplifier which is the mainstream of modern amplifiers constantly compares the input and output signals for both the semiconductor and vacuum tube and this difference can be amplified with high precision at low cost because it is amplified as an input signal. However, there is a time delay between the input and output signals which cannot be solved theoretically and this generates a TIM distortion and the like and this is a big reason why sound satisfaction cannot be attained from negative feedback amplifiers.
At Phasemation, amplifiers of semiconductors and vacuum tubes are all composed of non-feedback amplifiers. For non-feedback amplifiers, there are no amending operations like the negative feedback amplifiers and therefore high precision/technology of structured parts and circuits are required. As a result, there are no information remains of the sound source (record) but is played fully 100% and in terms of sound quality, it can play the music with excellent inspiration, dynamics, and shadowed (or the like) expressions.
Form V-I/I-V conversion type all-stage symmetric non-feedback equalizing amplifier
Input Type (Cartridge) MM MC
Input Sensitivity 2.5 mV 0.13 mV
Suitable Cartridge Output Impedance 47 k-ohm or less 1.5 to 40 ohm
Gain 38 dB 64 dB
Input Equivalent S/N Ratio –120dBV –140dBV
Rated Output Voltage 200 mV (1kHz)
Rear Curve Tolerance ± 0.5 dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Output Impedance 47 ohm
Power Requirement AC120V 60Hz (U.S.A) AC230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Asia)
Power Consumption 20W
External Dimensions 430 (W) x 93 (H) x 362 (D)
Mass 8.8kg

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