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Musical Fidelity M6x ViNYL Phono Stage
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Musical Fidelity M6x ViNYL Phono StageMusical Fidelity M6x ViNYL Phono StageMusical Fidelity M6x ViNYL Phono Stage

Musical Fidelity M6x ViNYL Phono Stage

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Musical Fidelity M6x ViNYL Phono Stage

he M6x Vinyl phono stage builds on the success of the M6 Vinyl, incorporating entirely discrete circuitry, resulting in better technical specifications and improved audio quality. With one balanced XLR input, and output, the M6x Vinyl can integrate well into any hi-fi system.
Using fully discrete amplification in the M6x Vinyl was decided by the Musical Fidelity engineers after countless listening hours and experience, replacing commonly used op-amps with individual circuit components to produce a more dynamic, vivid sound with a more overall neutral tone. With three separate inputs from your turntable cartridge, the M6x Vinyl allows you to easily connect three different turntables or multiple tonearm configurations. Selectable gain controls and loading are positioned on the front panel, letting you match various types of cartridges for the optimum performance.
The M6x Vinyl is designed to be as quiet as possible in operation, adding virtually no noise to signal. The phono stage has been engineered without practical limits, and ensures you cannot overload the input stage, creating no audible distortion. The M6x Vinyl provides settings to load both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges perfectly, for a detailed and expressive musical experience.


  • Fully discrete amplification with individual electrical components
  • Three inputs for both MM and MC cartridges
  • Selectable settings for gain, loading and cartridge type for a perfect match
  • RCA and XLR balanced outputs
  • No practical audible noise in operation


Product Specifications

Input sensitivity MM

5mV in for 500mV out (at 1kHz)

Input impedance MM


Input sensitivity MC

500µV in for 500mV out (at 1kHz)

Input impedance MC

25O to 1,2KO selectable


1 pair RCA: left and right 500mV nom 10V max

1 pair XLR (balanced): left and right 1V nom 20V max


440 x 100 x 385mm



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