Graham Slee PSU1 Linear Audio Power Supply (Upgrade)

Graham Slee PSU1 Linear Audio Power Supply (Upgrade)

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Upgrade from the standard wallwart power supply on any Graham Slee product

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Graham Slee PSU1 Linear Audio Power Supply (Upgrade)

The PSU1 offers a significant increase in sonic performance from the standard power supply on any Graham Slee product with a standard wallwart power supply

Today's domestic electricity supply can prove problematic for the committed audiophile; voltage variations and spiking within the AC supply can seriously detract from the listening experience

For those customers who do not intend to rewire their house, or spend small fortunes on miracle block/cables, the Graham Slee Projects PSU1 power supply is now available.


The PSU1 is the linear audio power supply supplied with the Graham Slee flagship phono stage preamps and headphone amplifiers.

Safety certified to IEC standard 60950

The PSU1 linear audio power supply has a stabilized output voltage of +24VDC at a down-rated 200mA. It is available with DC plugs to fit 2.5mm (standard issue) or 2.1mm DC socket pins, and with detachable mains cords

The PSU1 is designed to be a remote power supply placed well away from sensitive equipment like turntables and cartridges which are susceptible to pick up of stray magnetic fields. For maximum isolation it is best sited off the hi-fi rack. 

It uses a specially manufactured mains transformer made using top quality transformer steel thus consuming minimal excitation (core magnetisation) current whilst optimising transformer regulation. A benefit is that it keeps transformer buzz to an absolute minimum which is only audible at very close quarters.

Transformer secondary, rectifier and reservoir capacitor interconnections are kept to the absolute minimum length minimising charging current losses and interactions.


The output is regulated at a stable +24VDC suitable to power all existing Graham Slee audio products featured on this website (In April 2010 an unregulated 30VDC (nom.) output will also be provided for users wishing to use their own regulator).

The PSU1 can be used to upgrade the sound quality - sound-staging, more vivid tonal colour and bass detailing - of Graham Slee phono stage preamps and headphone amplifiers supplied with switch-mode or wallwart power supplies. Upgrading to the PSU1 has the effect of taking your Graham Slee phono stage preamp or headphone amplifier to a higher level of musical performance.



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Graham Slee upgraded PSU
31 December 2021  | 

Simply stunned as to how good this upgraded power supply is. Even after one hour of usage the immediate feedback is more heft and detail across the board. Records demand to be paid attention to. Iím using this with a Gaham Slee Communicator Gram Amp2 Phono stage, Rega Planar 3, Goldring 1042 stylus combo

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must have item
16 November 2020  | 

If you own graham slee product, this power supply is a must have item.
PSU1 needs a couple of days burn-in

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All OK
20 September 2018  | 

Did make audible difference , excellent service as always thank you.

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A Fanfare for the PSU 1..
13 September 2018  | 

I enjoyed the improvement I got from buying a Graham Slee Fanfare 3 phono amp. It was an affordable upgrade over my Project music box and it got me back into listening to vinyl on a daily basis.. The PSU 1 power supply takes that pleasure a step further.. There is detail on recordings - that I thought I knew very well - that I simply hadnít heard before.. Now, Iím thinking about buying more of my new music ( I like all styles - from classical, to house ) on the old vinyl format .. And - as the PSU 1 works across the Graham Slee range ó I reckon Iíll be after a higher level phono amp..sometime soon.

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Graham slee PSU1
11 January 2018  | 

It is completely worthy to buy. In my audio. Rega P3+ 2M blue ortofon + Era gold + PSU1 + Supernait + Proac D28. I donít have any power treatment so far. But now I do believe power is critical for source devices. Much cleaner & no stress in highly mixed sound likes ending of symphony. If you are using a little higher entry audio system. I believe you can hear difference. It brings me another curious how to improve network player power source. ^^;

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Big improvement
02 September 2017  | 

The PSU1 plugged on the Graham Slee EXP give a noticeable improvement on all the musical parameters. More details, better transparency, better dynamics, more realism and naturalness.Better 3D sound stage... The highs go really far high but with sweetness and very good definition. The mids have more realistic and palpable timbres.And the bass goes more deeper,with better nuances and more control.
The result is really impressive in my system.
So, it's now not possible for me to listen without the PSU1.
It is simply perfect with the EXP!

Just let the PSU1 burnin in for a little week et take care of the polarity of the main plug of the PSU. There is an audible difference depending in the way you connect it. After these precaution taken, you will really enjoy to listen to the music

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