Audio Physic HHC III Centre Speaker
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Audio Physic HHC III Centre Speaker

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Audio Physic HHC III Centre Speaker

Very often the importance of the center channel in a surround set-up is underestimated. This additional “middle channel” has developed from the history of ever larger, and thus wider, cinema palaces.

In pure stereo mode, the spectators sitting in the front rows far from the center almost exclusively heard the sounds from the loudspeaker closest to them, while they barely heard any sounds from the other side. The intelligibility of dialogues suffered particularly from this circumstance. What fun is a film if you don’t understand what is being said? Clever sound engineers, therefore, established an additional sound channel for the center area of the screen. It was supposed to guarantee that dialogues could be perceived clearly and comprehensibly by the entire audience. And this is where our HHC III Center comes into play!

Our hearing is particularly sensitive in the frequency range of human voices; a good center must, therefore, reproduce this spectrum in detail and without discoloration. So it was a logical conclusion that the HHC III Center would be equipped with the latest generation of the Hyper Holographic (HHC-III) midrange and tweeter. These custom-made Audio Physic drivers guarantee first-class playback quality and perfect speech intelligibility – even in very complex sound and film sequences. Low and mid frequencies are reproduced by two HHCM-III drivers, so quiet passages sound sovereign and higher volume levels are rendered without distortion. Whether you enjoy movies via a projector and screen set-up or through a flat-screen TV, the HHC III Center always cuts a fine figure. In a home cinema with projection, the optionally available black fabric cover reduces annoying light reflections on the enclosure. In combination with flat screens, the room ambiance is more likely to play a role, which is why the HHC III Center is available in different glass surface finishes.

Glass is one component within the three-layer sandwich design of the enclosure that Audio Physic successfully introduced several years ago in various loudspeaker models. The cabinet is thus stiffer, while disturbing partial vibrations are even more minimized. This sandwich construction does not even produce the kind of sound-impairing influences generally associated with glass.

A connector terminal equipped with the highest quality WBT nextgen™ binding posts of the latest generation offers the best possible contact to the loudspeaker cable used.
You can further upgrade your HHC III Center with Audio Physic VCF II MAGNETIC Component plus feet. Their landmark design allows for a further noticeable increase in imaging fidelity and playback authenticity.

170 mm / 6.7"
455 mm / 17.9"
240 mm / 9.5"
Required Space Width x Depth
17.9" x 9.5"
~ 10 kg
Recommended amplifier power
20 -100 W
4 Ohm
Freqency range
44 Hz - 40 kHz
89 dB
HHCT III 39 mm / 1.5"
HHCM III 150 mm / 5,9"
HHCM III 150 mm / 5,9"
including glass grill black
Please note: Real Glass or finishes might be different from paper printed catalogues. Products partially shown with optional accessories. Models and finishes availability may vary by country. Other Glass special colours by request.

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