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Michell - Rega RB 250/300/600 Threaded VTA Adjuster
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Michell - Rega RB 250/300/600 Threaded VTA Adjuster

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Please note that our Michell Engineering products are available to the UK only.

Michell - Rega RB 250/300/600 Threaded VTA Adjuster  

Michell VTA adjuster designed to provide VTA adjustment for Rega tonearms on Michell turntables:

This is an easy way to adjust VTA on Rega RB250, 300 and 600 arms that are fitted to Michell Gyro, Orbe or Techno decs.

For best results use with the Michell Finger ‘Lock Nut’

It is recommended to use an infinitely adjustable VTA adjuster with the Rega tonearms - the advantages are:

1. Quick adjustment for tuning by ear - it takes a long time to change spacing washers and you can forget the sound differences.

2. Infinite adjustment - height adjustment can be heard to the nearest mm because height accuracy is so important

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