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Michell Engineering Tecno weight
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Michell Engineering Tecno weight

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Rega Tonearm Counterweight Upgrade

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Please note that our Michell Engineering products are available to the UK only.

Michell Engineering Technoweight

  • This really is a significant upgrade for Rega tonearm owners and their various derivatives with an RB-250,RB-300, RB-600 arm or RB-900
  • This counterweight is precision engineered as with all Michell products and this is the one that is supplied with their award winning brilliant Technoarm
  • The mass of the counterweight is in horizontal line with the mass of the cartridge for optimum performance.
  • Two weights are supplied to keep the mass as close to the arm pivot as possible for a given cartridge.
  • Small weight for 3 -6 gram cartridges.
  • Large weight for 6 - 13 gram cartridges.
  • Will fit Rega RB-250, RB251,RB-300, RB301, RB-600, RB700 or RB-900.
  • Full fitting Instructions supplied.
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Tuesday, 18 May 2021  | 

After installing (easy, the difficult is to remove the original REGA stub, but I found a good method) the Michell Engineering Tecno Weight, I was surprised when listening the same (classical) LPs I had been listening the previous days: more separation between instruments, more stereo image. That was expected. What really surprised me was the fact that also the pops and clicks that somehow one can hear even in well cleaned vinyl... almost disappeared. May be due to better tracking ability? don't know, but I'm really satisfied with this upgrade!

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Michell Engineering Tecno weight
Tuesday, 9 March 2021  | 

I purchased this for my 1989 rega planar 3 with other upgrades I have done over lockdown and I can truly say that the sound improvement is vast compared to the standard weight with RB300. It is very to fit and set the right tracking weight for any cartridge.

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A must have
Thursday, 1 October 2020  | 

My set up is as follows:

Michell full Gyrodec
Michell T3 arm (Rega 330)
Ortofon blue 2M
Marantz PM 7000n
Q Acoustic 3050i

Its all reasonably new equipment I started with a Linn Basik and moved on to the Michell Gyro a couple of months ago.

The T3 arm is a nice arm, but with the Ortofon Blue the detail was good but the surface noise a little off putting, to the point of distracting.

I read a few reviews and although the Blue is known for susceptibility to surface noise, it shouldn't be as pronounced as it is.
I again checked reviews and rather than splash on a new arm or cart, I decided on the Technoweight.

I have just fitted it, re-levelled the Gyro (any time it gets moved, this is common practice and is carried out in a couple of minutes) and set the arm up. The whole process took 20 minutes max. I fitted the larger weight as the Blue is 7.8g. Setting up was a doddle. Just one thing though, put the weight on before fixing the stub to the arm, it makes life easier.

So now to the sound:

I put on a new 180g edition of "Hunky Dory" by Bowie of course and the results are startling in the least. It is as if everything just snaps into focus. The silence are just that and the musicality is almost overwhelming. Bass is very present and very tight. No "Flub" here. Any slight sibilance that I had before, is gone. Highs are sweet and not harsh, although I do believe this will improve further once he cart has fully run in. Surface noise all but vanished.
The soundstage has increased and separation and detail of individual instruments lifted.

This should be an absolute must for any Rega owners, it certainly does everything I hoped and more and it seems to suit my set up perfectly.

Just get one!

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Thursday, 23 July 2020  | 

I was using an ISOkinetic weight on my P2, which was fine but I had a couple of records jumping/ sticking and I became curious. After installing the Michell weight, which has good instructions, the difference is incredible. Superior tracking and a noticeable improvement in sound. The detail and tight bass. Not cheap but worth every penny, and yes, those records dont jump anymore!

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Thursday, 5 December 2019  | 

I have been aware of the Tecno Weight for years now, but never thought I'd feel the need to upgrade my stub/counterweight to that level. I have a new Rega 202 arm on a custom Lenco L75. The arm had the RB300 stainless steel stub, but wasn't heavy enough for me to balance the Dynavector 10x5. When I started looking at my options, I realized that the Tecno Weight was the only solution worth pursuing. Why? Easy. It offers a longer stub, easy adjustment, and two weights that allow me to never worry about what my cartridge weight is again. I also own other Michell products, both VTA adjusters for my Rega arms. In all cases, the quality is top notch, and the products do what they say they'll do. If you have been in your audio adventure for more than a few years, you will understand what I mean when I say there is no point wasting money on possible solutions when the best solution is right here in the Tecno Weight.

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Techno weight
Sunday, 3 November 2019  | 

Well machined, easy to assemble, install and set up.
Well worth the money

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Thursday, 8 November 2018  | 

Fitted this to my Rega RB250 on my twenty plus year old Planar 2 as part of a structured series of upgrades that includes 24volt motor and Neo PSU and the difference is amazing. The Tecno weight was fitted after the 24volt motor and prior to the Neo. Each upgrade has produced a marked improvement in detail, presentation and soundstage with the Neo now unleashing even more music than I thought possible after the Techno weight. With regards fitting and setup it was simplicity itself and the instructions provided were clear and detailed. Try not to take too much notice of the rubbish written on various websites. The stub on my arm was easy to remove. I locked the arm in its rest and further secured with a loosely fitted sandwich bag wire tie wrap. Two pieces of rubber about an inch wide and eight inches long were cut from an old bicycle inner tube and used to wrap around the arm at mid point and the second piece on the stub. Two slide pliers were used, one to hold the arm from twisting and the second to apply a turning force counterclockwise on the stub. The stub gave easily with no damage to finishes or the arm bearings. Fitting and setup was easy and the results are outstanding. Give it a try you won’t regret the upgrade.

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Michell Engineering Techno Weight
Tuesday, 10 July 2018  | 

Another and usual happy costumer over 20 years with Michell Products, very well made with a amazing quality.
Another quick not to superb Audio Analogue service costumer, always prompt and quicker
Thank you guys

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Excellent craftsmanship but fiddly
Friday, 8 June 2018  | 

Very good packaging and fast delivery. The weight is very well built and improves the sound tremendously. But it's fiddly to adjust VTF: fit the Allen key, loosen, move the weight, tighten without moving it, repeat.

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Great device!
Thursday, 3 May 2018  | 

This device is the best counterweight for Rega tonearms. You can really balance any cartridge ever. Very elaborated desing and features.

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