PS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains Regenerator
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PS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains RegeneratorPS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains RegeneratorPS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains Regenerator
PS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains RegeneratorPS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains Regenerator

PS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains Regenerator

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NOW WITH PowerPlay. 


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PS Audio Directstream P15 Power Plant Mains Regenerator

NOW WITH PowerPlay. 

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Purify, protect, regulate, and rebuild unrestricted new power from old.

The DirectStream P15 Power Plant is the gold standard for safety, reliability, and high-performance AC power regeneration. The P15 improves micro and macro dynamics, audio purity, instrumental separation, soundstage width and depth, and lowers background noise for any connected equipment. The P15 is the successor to the venerable P10 Power Plant, a tireless performer faithfully powering thousands of high-performance audio and video system around the world for nearly a decade.

The P15 has been completely redesigned from the ground up with three times lower output impedance, lower distortion, a new FPGA based DSD sine wave generator, and an improved level of performance never before attained by any Power Plant of its size. If high-performance audio or video is your goal, there’s no better foundation for any system than a Power Plant AC regenerator.

The DirectStream Power Plant 15 is the next generation of AC power regeneration. It features an all new analog power amplifier and FPGA based sine wave generator based on pure, clean, analog DSD (PDM).  The P15 has 5 separate regenerated zones, buss bar delivery system, and 1500 watts of pure regenerated power. From medium to large power amplifiers to the smallest pieces of source equipment, the P15 will work magic on your system’s performance. Expect far better micro and macro dynamics as well as a cleaner, lower noise background.

Don’t starve your music or risk damaging your equipment. A P15 gives you greatly improved performance and safety from just plugging into the wall socket and far better dynamics, bass and a much bigger, open sound-stage than any power conditioner on the market.

PowerPlay is HERE!
PowerPlay is a unique feature to our Regenerators that allows you to track in-coming & out-going THD, voltage and wattage, and we’re excited to let you know that the newest and best version of PowerPlay is now available at right on our website. To use, just make sure you’re logged into, on the top menu click on My PS, then scroll down to PowerPlay.

Note in the first two graphs, Voltage and then Total Harmonic Distortion, how the wiggly top line represents the incoming AC wall voltage while the lower straight line shows you how the Power Plant Regenerator corrects what’s wrong. You will be able to see the history of your home’s incoming power quality and how the Power Plant straightens everything out.



  • Built in Boulder
  • 1500 VA output
  • Passively cooled
  • 3X lower impedance than P10
  • 10 outlets US
  • 15 amp AC input US
  • 120 volt regulated US
  • Range 95 – 145 VAC US
  • 9 EU/AU/GR/UK outlets
  • 10 amp AC input EU/AU/GR/UK
  • 230 volt Regulated EU/AU/GR/UK
  • Range 200 –285VAC EU/AU/GR/UK
  • 100% regenerated AC
  • MultiWave
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Integrated oscilloscope
  • THD meter
  • Improvement meter
  • Power meter
  • Control over the web
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Color touchscreen
  • Field upgradable
  • 82 pounds boxed
  • 17W x 8.5H x 14D
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I didnít realise my mains was stifling my system
12 March 2021  | 

As someone who for a long time has recognised the primary importance of the mains supply I am surprised it took me so long to go down the mains regeneration route. The reason I didnít was for fear over whether a regenerator would give me the headroom to run my system and any deleterious effect it might have. So up to the point I put the P15 in my system I had made use of high quality star earthed mains block, quality mains leads and some passive mains conditioning. But having bought the PS Audio BHK 250 amplifier I decided to try the P15 and ordered an evaluation unit from AS. Putting it into my system was simplicity itself (apart from the weight...boy it is HEAVY). And as soon as I turned it on and made the first neddle drop I knew that I had been missing so much from my system. Detail, soundstage - front to back and side to side, instrument texture at a macro and micro dynamic level were all elevated. I could listen louder without strain , but surprisingly find that I do t need to be heavy with the volume control to get GREAT enjoyment from my system. My entire system with BHK 250, Whest phono, McIntosh MEN220, DAC and Avid Acutus only pulls 375 watts leaving masses of headroom. Total harmonic distortion of my incoming mains is 1.6%, with output distortion reduced to less than 0.1%. But donít let that fool you, those numbers donít tell the full story, the impact on the system is HUGE. Try one and you will never listen to your system without the P15 providing clean and pure power.

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