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Van den Hul Mainsstream BS Power Cable

Van den Hul Mainsstream BS Power Cable

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Van den Hul Mainsstream BS Power Cable

The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is vdH's special quality heavy power cable. Winner of the What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Best Mains lead over £100 award. (BS = British Standard)

The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID has been specially designed bearing uncompromised mains power distribution to high-end audio, video and professional equipment in mind and is able to deliver a virtually unlimited stream of low noise mains power.


  • A unique embedded powerline noise suppression filter.
  • A very high continuous current capacity and a maximum transparency with regards to instantaneously drawn current surges.
  • Strong shielding against in and outwards radiation of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • Heavy conductors and shield of the high quality also found in our loudspeaker cables.
  • Extreme ruggedness and therefore a very long lifespan.

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