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Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Mains Power Cable
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 Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Mains Power CableTellurium Q Ultra Blue II Mains Power Cable 

Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Mains Power Cable

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Please note we are unable to ship Tellurium Q products overseas. UK Sales only.


Tellurium Q Ultra II Blue Mains Power Cable

Available in UK or Schuko

The Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II power cable satisfies the demand for a quality mains lead which out-performs similarly priced competitors and above all gives an improvement in sound quality commensurate with the cost.

Ultra Blue II looks pretty much exactly the same as the old Ultra Blue except for the “II” denoting the new generation cable. Plug in a burnt in Ultra Blue II after the old version and you will hear within seconds why we have upgraded this cable. The sound is fuller, more organic and better balanced in the whole range. The top end detail is still the same but everything else has risen to that performance level.


The Ultra Blue Power II cable is a star performer and you will find that it can be mixed into your system with the Black power cable as they have been designed to compliment one another. Being particularly beneficial for the front end equipment such as DACs leaving the Black to deal with the drivers such as you integrated amps, power amps and mains conditioners etc. 

An all round star performer for the price. 


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