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Townshend Seismic Isolation Corners
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Townshend Seismic Isolation Corners

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Townshend Seismic Isolation Corners

Please note: Price displayed is for a set of four isolation corners
  • Eliminates structure-borne feedback between speaker and vibration sensitive equipment. 
  • Enhances clarity throughout the whole frequency range.
  • Improves bass definition.
  • Produces a wider and deeper sound stage. 
  • Neighbour friendly high level listening.
Seismic Sink Corners provide vibration isolation for almost any equipment rack, stand, platforms or speaker. Each Corner is a small platform suspended from two Seismic Load Cells™ on which the equipment legs or spikes are placed. 

Designed to float your existing equipment rack in an unobtrusive manner, the Seismic Isolation Corners slip discretely under the bottom corners of your support furniture and bring you all the benefits of Seismic Isolation without major upheaval. 
  • There are two types of Corners; one for flat feet (F) and one for spikes (S). 
  • Level may be adjusted easily when fully loaded. 
  • Four Corners units are able to hold equipment weighing up to 240kg.
  • The singular Seismic Load Cell is available with seven different weight capacities, ranging progressively from 1kg up to 32kg. Virtually any weight of equipment can be isolated.

The Seismic Corners are available with five different weight range capacities, varying progressively from less than 20kg up to 400kg. Virtually any weight of equipment can be isolated. 

We suggest, for reasons of ease of set-up and loads that are not equally distributed, that consumers always select the stronger Load Cell where two values overlap in the graph below. 

For example, when using a set of four (4) Seismic Corners with eight (8) type "D" Load Cells, the maximum supported weight should be equal to or less than 170.4 Kg. 

Solutions for equipment with either more or less than four supports/legs are available.

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