Clearlight Audio RDC 5 Cones (Qty 4)
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Clearlight Audio RDC 5 Cones (Qty 4)

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Clearlight Audio RDC 5 Cones (Pack of 4)

  • Small cone measuring 30mm in diameter and 10mm tall, load capacity 15kg per cone.

Clearlight Audio's range of isolation products were launched into the UK Hi-Fi market about 6 years ago. Since then they have won many awards and are now considered one of the best isolation ranges at any price.

RDC Cones are in our opinion one of the best ways to isolate any hi-fi component from unwanted vibration. These RDC 5 Cones are Clearlight's entry level solution for resonance control. They will significantly improve the sound of a variety of equipment and can be used with greater effect when partnered with Clearlight's RDC Cone Cups. 10mm x 30mm diameter, they will support 15Kg per cone

RDC does not add to or subtract information from the stereo picture but reveals what is already there it does not get in the way of the music. This cones performance is so staggering that many high fidelity publications are endorsing its use. "...soundstage became more focused and stable, guitars had more power, depth and texture. But is was the voice that really did it. Far more real, the breathing a totally natural part of the performance." - Roy Gregory Hi-Fi+ Nov..

RDC stands for Resonance Dampening Compound, and consists of microscopic granules of different materials at each end of the elasticity module. This compound is incapable of sustaining resonance, which makes it ideal for audio applications.

The new RDC 5 cone is a steal, its small compact size (10mm x 30mm diameter) makes it perfect for situations where height is an issue.

The Clearlight Audio RDC 5 cone is ideal where a more discrete means of isolation is preferred and can be used under electronic components, on the top of loudspeaker stands to isolate the loudspeaker cabinet.


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