bFly Audio b.DISC Pro Spike Absorbers
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bFly Audio b.DISC Pro Spike Absorbers

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bFly Audio b.DISC Pro Spike Absorbers

The b.DISC PRO's are specifically for spikes. They have integrated absorber elements. Suitable for all HiFi components, loudspeakers and Hi-Fi Racks which use spikes that cannot be removed.

New bTEC absorber

The bTEC technology provides more effective damping of vibrations using a balanced combination of materials including a special mixture of cork and natural rubber. Using bTEC, bFly-audio have succeeded in reducing the height of the absorption material by 40%. The horizontal movement within the absorber is also much better.  This characteristic is very important for optimal sound, especially when used on loudspeakers.

Why use an absorber for your spikes?

If you have an unstable ground like a parquet, wood laminate or solid wood floor, the vibration of your loudspeakers will be transferred to your Hi-Fi components. Because of microphonic effects, the quality of sound will be audible impaired. With b.DISC PRO these unwelcome vibrations are reduced significantly.

Sizes & Load capacity per piece (black finish)

  • up to 5kg: Disc diameter 32 mm & height 10 mm
  • up to 12kg: Disc diameter 37 mm & height 10 mm
  • up to 100kg: Disc diameter 55 mm & height 13 mm

Client Review

"...The effect of the d.DISC absorbers under my speakers on spikes, resulted in an amazing improvement! It finally cured my mid-range sound. Overall the sound has become much more precise.  After 40 years that I have been involved in high-end audio, I am immune to Voodoo and Pseudo-effects - there is a definite improvement in the sound quality."

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