Unison Research S6 Valve Amplifier - Black
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Unison Research S6 Valve Amplifier - Black

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Unison Research S6 Valve Amplifier - Black - Brand New - Sale!

The Unison Research S6 was hailed by Hi-Fi World as “easily the best tube amplifier at the price” - a Class A design that uses 6 x EL34 valves and offers a rich, inviting sound that showcases the benefits of a carefully designed valve amp. It offers 35W per channel in triple-parallel single ended mode which might not sound like a lot, but you're rarely aware of any limitation if matched with average sensitivity speakers.

  • The preamplifier stage consists of two directly coupled triode valves.
  • The output stage uses three EL 34-type valves for each channel, connected together in triple-parallel configuration and operating in single-ended Class-A ultra-linear mode.
  • The output transformer - in the Unison Research® tradition - has been specially designed and handmade in our own workshops. It allows a very wide frequency response together with the highest possible sound quality.
  • Outputs are provided to cater for loudspeakers of both 4 and 8 Ohms.
  • The mains power supply transformer is of generous proportions and will provide all the energy that may be needed by the amplifier under all conditions of use.
  • During the development stage, great care was taken to design for the absolute minimum number of components in the audio signal path, and thereby allow a close approach to the theoretical ideal of unimpeded signal flow.
  • All connections to both inputs and outputs are gold plated, which will ensure excellent electrical contact over the lifetime of the product.

S6 offers excellent value for money with build quality and styling typical of a classic Unison Research products with a sound rich in refinement and authority.

The S6 is supplied with a lift-up protective grill and infra red volume remote control. Lovely EL34 velvety sound, but with bags of detail, grip and dynamics.

Rich, yet crisp incisive sound - subjectively very powerful...creates a big spacious soundstage with ample depth and width. Clarity is excellent; sharp, open and detailer'


'If you're new to valves and wonder what all the fuss is about, Unison Research's S6 would be the perfect introduction. It sounds absolutely gorgeous, delivering that sweet glowing richness that tubes are famous for, without loss of bite or immediacy'


'A clever compromise, the S6 gives a good helping of the low-level purity that single-ended triodes provide, yet decent power output and low noise. It has a clear, heart-warming sound.' 



  • Output power Approx. 35W per channel
  • Output impedance 4-8ohms
  • Valve compliment 2 x ECC 82; 6 x EL34EH
  • Output stage Single-ended Class-A
  • Dimensions (w, d, h) 330mm x 450mm x 200mm
  • Weight 25 kg

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