Luxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve Amplifier
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Luxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve AmplifierLuxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve AmplifierLuxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve AmplifierLuxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve Amplifier

Luxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve Amplifier

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Luxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve Amplifier

Luxman SQ-N150 is a 10+10W Integrated Valve Amplifier built to a compact A4 size for great flexibility in positioning. Matching D-N150 CD and DAC also available.

Luxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve Amplifier is part of the NeoClassico II Series and the latest model to inherit the legacy of exceptionally warm and pure music reproduction that is synonymous with Luxman.

Music reproduction

When the audio industry shifted to transistor amplifiers back in 1960, Luxman distinguished themselves through their recognition of the breathtaking sound of vacuum tubes, which they have continued to use in many components since.

Vacuum tube engineering

Experience exceedingly detailed, spacial audio reproduction owing to the excellent linearity of Luxman's P-K split phase inversion circuit.

Luxman coupled an input stage of twin JJE ECC83 mini double triodes to a push/pull output with quadruple JJE EL84 pentodes traditionally used in Mullard 10W Class A amplifiers in the '50s and '60s.

Equipped with a deep understanding of tube design, Luxman configured SQ-N150 for reliable performance and longevity. Rated at 2 x 10 Watts (at 6 ohms) power output, the sound is fit for the most discerning listeners.

Versatile preamplifier

Luxman offers triple line inputs and a phono section that supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, so there is no need for a separate MC preamp. The RCA jacks are plated in gold and pitched at 18mm to support high-end cables.

For lowest crosstalk between left and right channels, the same input selector IC as on the flagship C-900u control amplifier is used. For superior sonic purity, the Line Straight mode can bypass the Bass, Treble and Balance controls. The headphone output is perfect for late night listening.

Phono and Headphone

Play or record your LP collection with the built-in phono stage which facilitates Moving Magnet cartridges. For a Moving Coil cartridge, it is recommended to use the MT-88 step up transformer. A high quality headphone amplifier is also accessible from the front panel.

Tone Controls

The tone controls are very effective in reviving an imperfect music collection with sonically challenging tracks that may sound harsh or possess a fatiguing digital glare. Lower the treble slightly and it becomes seamlessly listenable. Recline and enjoy the music.

Automatic Bias

Automatic bias on the output tubes means all you have to do is simply install the EL84 tubes and let the amplifier take care of the rest. The aluminum-finished remote control operates volume as well as a Luxman CD/Digital player i.e the D-N150 player.

Elegant Design

The 5mm thick aluminum enclosure incorporates a modest “A4” footprint excluding projecting parts. The blasted white finish contrasts the hairlines on the machined aluminum controls.

The orange LED on the analogue level meters is the visual counter-point to glowing vacuum tubes. A grill is provided to prevent burns however the amplifier runs cooler without it and the output tubes will last longer.

Tech Specs

- Rated output 10W+10W(6Ω)
- THD: 1% or less (1kHz, 10W/6Ω)
- Circuit: P-K split phase inversion
- Output: Pentode power tubes
- Vacuum tubes: ECC83 x3, EL84 x4


- Phono (MM): 3.0mV/47kΩ
- Phono (MC): 0.33mV/100Ω
- Line: 180mV/47kΩ


Frequency response
- Phono: 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.5dB)
- Line: 20Hz to 80kHz (within -3.0dB)


S/N ratio (IHF-A)
- Phono (MM): 84dB or more
- Phono (MC): 64dB or more
- Line: 95dB or more


- Remote control: RA-25
- Power supply: 230/115V~ (50/60Hz)
- Power consumption: 98W
- Dimensions (WHD): 297 x 188 x 251mm
- Weight: 12.4kg



  • Spec

    Rated output 10W+10W(6Ω)
    Input sensitivity/
    input impedance
    PHONO (MM): 3.0mV/47kΩ
    PHONO (MC): 0.33mV/100Ω
    LINE: 180mV/47kΩ
    Frequency response PHONO: 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.5dB)
    LINE: 20Hz to 80kHz (within -3.0dB)
    Total harmonic distortion 1% or less (1kHz, 10W/6Ω)
    S/N ratio (IHF-A) PHONO (MM): 84dB or more
    PHONO (MC): 64dB or more
    LINE: 95dB or more
    Circuit Driver :P-K split phase inversion circuit
    Output :Pentode power tubes
    Vacuum tubes ECC83×3, EL84×4
    Power supply 230V~(50Hz) / 115V~(60Hz)
    Power consumption 98W
    External dimensions 297(W) x 188(H) x 251(D) mm
    20mm front panel knob of and 21mm rear panel
    terminals are included in the depth measurement
    Net weight 12.4kg (main unit)
    Accessories Remote control (RA-25), Power cable

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