Rega io Integrated Amplifier
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Rega io Integrated AmplifierRega io Integrated AmplifierRega io Integrated Amplifier

Rega io Integrated Amplifier

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This exciting new product is available for you to order now.

The all new io amplifier is designed with every music lover in mind. British made and sensibly priced 

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Rega io Integrated Amplifier 

'The Rega Io is a great little amplifier, it packs a punch that you don’t get from the far more highly featured competition that exists on the market and delivers music that you just want to keep playing. It will be intriguing to hear how it works with the Kyte speakers when they come through but in the meantime we have a British amplifier that most music loving Brits can afford.'
THE EAR 2020
The all new io amplifier is designed with every music lover in mind. Simple to setup and operate, the io is designed to integrate seamlessly into any hi-fi system.
The compact size allows it to be used in a variety of systems and delivers a performance well beyond its price point. As you would expect, there is a high quality built in MM (moving magnet) phono stage, two line level inputs, a redesigned mini remote control handset and high quality headphone output that is cleverly integrated to deliver optimum performance without compromising the audio circuit.
All of these features combine to deliver a powerful, well balanced musical performance at an incredible price.

IO amplifier Features

The io uses the same power amplifier and phono stage as its larger brother, the multi-award winning Brio. The io aims to deliver exceptional sound quality in a smaller and more cost effective package. The class A/B circuit shares its DNA with the rest of Rega’s amplifiers, and as usual, great care has been taken in component selection. Sanken output transistors and an Alps volume potentiometer and a linear power supply that enables an output of 30 watts per channel into 8 ohms.
Two line level inputs and a high quality moving magnet phono input are available as sources. There is a headphone output provided on the front of the unit for powering standard hi-fi headphones; this is driven from the power amplifier stage of the unit through relays to avoid signal degradation when headphones are inserted or the product is muted. A new remote handset is included as well.

Power outputs at 230/115 V supply voltage
30 W RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 8 Ω

Input 1 (Phono) input sensitivity 2.1 mV @ 47 kΩ in parallel with 220 pF
Maximum input 1 (Phono) input level 100 mV
Input 2-3 (Line) input sensitivity 210 mV @ 47 kΩ
Maximum input 2-3 (Line) input level 10.25 V

Headphone output
No load 8 V
32 Ω 1.6 V
54 Ω 2.4 V
300 Ω 5.7 V
Source impedance: 109 Ω

Power consumption
135 W @ 230 V / 220 V / 115 V / 100 V into the rated load of 8 Ω

Frequency response
Phono: 15 Hz to 40 kHz (-3 dB points) / 27 Hz to 20.5 kHz (-1 dB points)

RIAA accuracy: (100Hz to 10 kHz) ±0.4 dB typically better than ±0.3 dB

Line: 12 Hz (-1 dB points) to 43 kHz (-3 dB points)

Remote control
Batteries included –2 x AAA Alkaline.

Fuse ratings
T1.6 AL 250 V: 230 V / 50Hz and 220 V / 60 Hz
T3.15 AL 250 V: 115 V / 60 Hz and 100 V / 50/60 Hz


Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
180 x 290 x 68

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Almost unbeatable budget amp
14 October 2021  | 

Out of the box the io is well built and heavy.

I connected it to my CA651 CD player (it has similar specs to the Rega Saturn with 2 X 8742 Dacs) and to Dali Oberon 1 speakers.
Initially the sound is bright and cold.
But after using it for a few days and leaving it switched on all day the sound is warmer richer and more enjoyable.

The amp at a quarter volume is just right for me. Turned to about 11 o’clock it becomes quite loud.

It drives the speakers really well. The sound is beautiful, from good solid bass right through to an almost hypnotic mid to treble highs. A very clean and neutral sound.
I played the sound track to the Gladiator and when I closed my eyes I thought I was actually there.

The io can sound extremely subtle with quiet details and it can also play hard without distortion with drums and cymbals etc.

It doesn’t quite drive my AE floor standing speakers as well as my 50w/ch Arcam Alpha. But the midrange on the io is sharper/clear. So the Brio might be a better option for certain speakers.

Two months on and I listen to it nearly everyday. The sound with the Oberon 1 is clear and spacious but a bit too clear/bright. So I added a Rel T-Zero sub and the sound is better, fuller and more rounded on some music.

3 Months on I play the album Surrender by the Chemical Brothers and Ghosts by Coldplay. With out the sub woofer the sound was fantastic but with the sub it was hello night club.

I added a good quality turntable and the sound is superb. The Oberon 1’s really suit vinyl with this amp. A perfect match. Clear open, smooth and detailed. Vocals are good.

I could easily live with this amp, (paired with good input sources and good speakers) at the expense of any other system.

Listen to something you really like and the sound draws you in. The midrange is particularly good.

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Fantastic compact amp
04 April 2021  | 

I'm sure you'll have already seen the many glowing reviews of this "entry level" Rega amp. I certainly agree with them - it sounds awesome, and is (unsurprisingly) a great partner for my Planar 2 deck.

It's also paired with an Azur 851N from a price bracket or two higher, and performs brilliantly with that too. There's tons of detail, and for anyone with a 'normal' sized room you really don't need to worry about the quoted output wattage - it drives at a good volume without any signs of strain or stress.

There's a real flow and dancing quality to the sound which is a delight.

Why only 4 stars then? The volume control is infuriating! It's massively over-sensitive - at sensible listening volumes for a smaller room it's barely off the zero mark, and the smallest of adjustments makes a huge difference in output.

Listening quietly at night is out of the question, it's daytime volumes or silence... The same is true no matter what source I connect. It's made worse by the remote, which can only adjust the volume in large increments.

If you love to blast your music out and/or live in a detached house then great - but if you're in a flat and/or aren't a complete volume monster then this is a serious limitation. Such a shame, as it's an annoyance every time I use it, and it's otherwise pretty much perfect.

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