Edwards Audio Apprentice IA7 Integrated Amplifier
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Edwards Audio Apprentice IA7 Integrated Amplifier

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Edwards Audio Apprentice IA7 Integrated Amplifier

The IA6 is an evolution from our amazing and popular old IA8 and as such is a direct descendent. It has a very similar topology and is re-housed and styled to fit into our range. It has fully MOSFET output stage with an improved pre-amp section with the additional option of either a MM or MC phono stage OR a digital input board with SPDIF and Optical inputs. It also supports our new TALK COMM communication bus which disseminates instructions to all units on the bus such as LED colour and brightness…..
At its heart there is a strong power linear supply with RC multipole filtering based around our bespoke silent transformer technology. As with all EA amplifier the inputs are switched by high quality relays and the volume is via a blue Alps, controlled via the front panel encoder which controls all functions.
The power amp section is a class AB 85W fully discrete Lateral MOSFET design.
It has 6 inputs, one of which a dedicated to a new, MM/MC Phono (turntable) input PCB which is essentially our MC5 with the remaining 5 being for line sources such as CD, DAC’s, Streamers, tuners, tape recorders. There is a fixed output for recording or other slave devices such as an external headphone amplifier. There are also two  pre-outputs for connecting to external power amplifiers for either bi-amping or ACTIVE applications.
Other possible upgrade options include an optional Digital (DAC) board with SPDIF and OPTICAL inputs. We should point out that using an internal DAC in any amplifier will degrade the amplifiers overall performance – this is true of all internal DAC’s –
The IA7 is available in the following anodised colours: Black, Gun Metal Grey and Titanium silver – others such as Red, Blue and Green or Gold can be ordered as a special order.

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