Oyaide C-029 Brass IEC Connector
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Oyaide C-029 Brass IEC Connector

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Oyaide C-029 Brass IEC Connector

The basic material for the Oyaide C-029 is brass. The surface of the C-029 is also thoroughly polished twice. For the body of the Oyaide C-029, Oyaide has chosen high-density PBT, mixed with 30% glass filler. This combination was used to maximize rigidity, thermal stability and provide high resonance absorption. The outer shell is Polycarbonate.

In our experience, and based on the feedback from our customers, the Oyaide C-029 male AC connector fits above entry level AC connectors.


30% glass filled PBT has excellent machine-ability and provides superior electrical isolation. The highly rigid body of the P-029/C-029 effectively attenuates high-speed vibrations. All screws, which were originally designed for P/C series, are made of highly rigid stainless steel which is non-magnetic substance. Moreover, the cable cannot be separated from the plug by a force less than 30kg, a significant safety feature.

Stainless screws

The screws of P/C series are all made of highly rigid stainless steel so that the screw head doesn’t collapse even if you give them too much strength. In addition, because it is the non-magnetic material, it helps to achieve high S/N ratio without being magnetized at its connection part.

Outer cover

The outer cover of P/C series is made of PC(Poly Carbonate) for its rigidity and hardness. It helps to attenuate tiny vibrations in quick response and reduce distortions by its superior mechanical strength.


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