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Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell (True Audiophile Headshell)
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Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell (True Audiophile Headshell)Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell (True Audiophile Headshell)Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell (True Audiophile Headshell)Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell (True Audiophile Headshell)

Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell (True Audiophile Headshell)

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Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell

  • Available in Satin Silver or Satin Black

Allow us to introduce to you the arché-headshell - the true audiophile headshell design which sets an all new standard in versatility and sound quality. This new audiophile headshell will allow you to hear the sound really engraved in your records.
 It's unique technical features and solutions are all for only one purpose:

- to bring to your ears and senses the utmost musical experience in the best possible sonics.

 Experience what a headshell can really do for the sound of an analog front-end.

When you listen for maybe the first time to a perfect SRA-aligned audiophile cartridge in a headshell which does preserve all the tiny details and transfers every nuance of energy extracted from the stylus to really reach the phono stage and opens up the full musical spell which was recorded.

The arché headshell is the best link you will find between your cartridge and your tonearm.

Your cartridge will love the arché - because it will bring out the very best in it and allows it to shine in a way like never before - and so will you.

The arché comes with a complete selection of accessories:

  • 2 pairs of M 2.5 brass screws w/nuts
  • 3  x Allen key wrenches w/ SW 0.89, 1.5mm and 2mm
  • SME-bayont isolation rings -
  • (1) rubber (mounted) and (1) copper
  • Alternative M4 nylon screw for
  • SRA-adjustment
  • OFC headshell leads 
  • Spirit level
  • Scale plate for SRA

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021  | 

Got the Arche headshell for my Technics SL1210 GEA. The intent being to improve upon the standard Technics headshell that came with the deck.

The headshell I got was the latest edition (2020) in black - one thing to note is that unkile the details seen everwhere, the latest version only comes with two allen keys - which means that it is not possible to remove the central headshell mount. I assume that if one ordered an additional headshell mount, Acoustical Systems will also send the necessary allen key.

The headshell it self weighs 17.5 g - so one needs to make sure that the tonearm is able to balance the weight of the headshell+cartridge. Apparently there is a lighter version of the headsheel, but I have not seen this lighter version for sale anywhere.

Installing a cartridge into the headshell took a littel more effort than installin on a 'standard' headshell - but only because it is possible to make more adjustments to get it just right.

With my deck, the headshell gave a better bass and wider soundstage. The detail within the sound mix also improved.

I subsequently chaged the cartridge I was using to a Dynavector XX2 Mk2 - it was step up from my previous cartridge and 1g lighter.

Overall the engineering quality of the headshell is very good quality - some might say over engineered for a headshell - this is very likely the best engineered, best quality headsheel in the market (but then it should be for the price..!!!). It's flexiblity allows a lot of tuining - but at the same tme it's not compex to adjust

The only caution is the weight of the headshell, which needs to be considered within the contecxt of the capability of the tonearm.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2019  | 

Superb, but with the new models Technics SL-1200 you must use big "30g" (additional) sub weight. (the headshell is very heavy)

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Best Headshell ever!
Sunday, 1 March 2015  | 

Although the standard package does not come with silver leads it still sounds terrific. I've attached it to the Isokinetik version of the Jelco SA 750 L and I'm very pleased with ti. So far I've tried the Rondo Red and my high end Brinkmann Pi with it and they both sound wonderful. I have now ordered extra inserts for quick change of cartridges. Being able to change the VTA/SRA at the headshell without changing the VTA of the Arm Wand is very useful (it does not affect the VTF or even the overhang). It's quite a heavy headshell at 17 grams but if the tonearm has oil damping (like mine does) then cartridge mass doesn't seem to be a limiting factor. Highly recommended.

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