Focal Clear Headphones
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Focal Clear HeadphonesFocal Clear HeadphonesFocal Clear HeadphonesFocal Clear Headphones

Focal Clear Headphones

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Focal Clear Headphones

Clear are our brand new open high-fidelity headphone made in France by Focal. Continuing in the spirit of Utopia and Elear and using the best of Focal technologies, Clear offer the sensation of listening to your favourite music in a space that no longer has limits. Discover the emotion of music, thanks to Clear's ability to recreate the tiniest details of the recording.

  •  High-performance acoustics
  •  A listening experience very close to that provided by high- delity loudspeakers
  •  Comfortable and ergonomic
  •  High-quality design and materials
  •  Excellent performance when connected to portable high-resolution audio players
  •  Supplied with 3 cables to suit all uses
  •  Supplied with a hard-shell carrying case 
  • Open Back
  • Impedance - 55 Ohms

Clear provide listening worthy of the best speakers. The latest addition to Focal's top-end headphones range, Clear use the new generation of totally open backed full-range speakers, precisely revealing the tiniest details for ultra-realistic listening. With their design surpassing Elear in terms of openness, Clear make you simply forget that you are wearing headphones. The widely held impression that headphones reduce listening space disappears, thanks to Clear's open ear cushions. The technologies chosen and the aluminium/magnesium alloy M-profile dome, preserve breadth and dynamics worthy of the best high-fidelity speakers. These headphones will become essential: they come with a hard transport case and three cables providing the best solution for different types of audio equipment.


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