Meze 109 Pro Headphones
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Meze 109 Pro HeadphonesMeze 109 Pro HeadphonesMeze 109 Pro Headphones

Meze 109 Pro Headphones

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Meze 109 Pro Headphones

109 PRO is a demonstration of our commitment to go beyond the faithful reproduction of sound and deliver pure emotion.

It all started with a purpose – creating joy. It’s about letting yourself get lost in sound, about that intimate connection you have with your favorite artist, song or instrument, when all distractions are removed.

The 109 PRO follows our highest standards for comfort and ergonomics. Once placed on your head, the headphones become unnoticeable, leaving you with nothing but the music.

Walnut wood, cast zinc, manganese steel and vegan leather complete each other to create a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable structure.

Diaphragm design
In a world of fast-paced technology, we bet on proven fundamentals. Our 50 mm dynamic driver, assembled and tuned with ultimate precision, allowed us to push the boundaries of speed, accuracy and dynamic range.

In order to meet the acoustic goals we set for the 109 PRO, we focused our R&D efforts on materials research for each of the driver’s components.

Ultra-thin torus
The torus surrounding the dome is composed of Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer, measuring 22 microns in thickness. By applying the Beryllium coating through Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), we increased the stiffness and durability of the driver, while still keeping it light enough to achieve a fast transient response. These qualities are also enhanced through the corrugations on the torus, which are precisely carved at a 45.5° angle.

Beryllium’s high damping qualities also help suppress unwanted resonances, giving the 109 PRO its neutral, vivid and transparent character.

Aluminium frame
The diaphragm is encased in a high-precision aluminum frame, together with the neodymium magnet. Manufactured using CNC machining, the frame offers superior rigidity, strength, and thermal stability to retain surface flatness.

Copper-zinc stabilizer
The copper-zinc alloy stabilizer, positioned around the membrane, improves the absorption of vibrations to further reduce distortion.


Through its open-back design, we wanted the 109 PRO to be vivid and exciting, empowering the listener to connect with music on a deeper level.

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