HiFiMAN HE-R9 Headphones
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HiFiMAN HE-R9 HeadphonesHiFiMAN HE-R9 HeadphonesHiFiMAN HE-R9 HeadphonesHiFiMAN HE-R9 Headphones

HiFiMAN HE-R9 Headphones

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HiFiMAN HE-R9 Headphones

The HiFi Man HE-R9 headphones feature a unique topology diaphragm and high sensitivity. The diaphragm is coated in nano particles that are used to optimise the audio characteristics. By varying the surface pattern and compound used the sound can be fine tuned unlike anything HiFi Man have achieved before. 
A leather and memory foam headband add a touch of luxury. Additionally, the headphones can also take the Bluemini RTR plug-in Bluetooth module. There is a wireless version that comes with the dongle or you can purchase it separately.
Topology Drivers
Developed by Dr Fang Bian, the headphone drivers use a pattern of nano particles to change the audio characteristics of the diaphragm. The surface pattern, compound used and its thickness all can be fine tuned to get the perfect sound. Dr. Fang founded HiFI Man in 2007.
Luxury leather headband
The headband of the He-R9 is made of steel. It is then covered in memory foam and leather. The hi-grade memory foam ensues a comfortable fit while the supple leather adds a touch of luxury. The headphones are light as well as strong, giving exceptional musicality. The large crimson ear cups are designed to give the necessary space for the drivers to perform at their best.
Good Connectivity
There are three ways of connecting to the HiFi Man HE-R9 Headphones. Notably, There are two input sockets one for each channel, or a combined one on the left. The first method of connection uses two cables, one for each channel. The second way of connecting uses a cable known as TRRS that carries both channels at once. Finally, you can use the Bluetooth dongle known as the Bluemini R2R that plugs into the left socket (not included here, but we sell a version of these headphones separately with this included)
Headphone Cables
All the different types of headphone cables can be confusing, so here is a brief explanation of the terminology. Originally headphones used 1/4” or 6.3mm phone plugs. These proved to be too big for portable devices so the 3.5mm type became the most common jack used today. They come in three main configurations TS or Tip and Sleeve, TRS or Tip Ring and Sleeve and TRRS Or Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve. The latter has four connections to cater for a microphone. The TS version is essentially mono. Just to confuse matters even more the He-R9 headphones use TRS cables to connect a mono signal to either side. These are the normal stereo cables not mono.

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