Heed Canalot MKIII Headphone Amplifier
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Heed Canalot MKIII Headphone Amplifier

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Heed Canalot MKIII Headphone Amplifier

Building upon the acclaimed CanAmp and integrating aspects of their Luna modular classic, the CanAlot as with most of the classic design of Heed Modular devices meets the high-tech solutions of the digital world and in addition, their unique speaker driving system. If you are not into the many-box hi-fi racks or space-eating speakers and amplifiers, CanAlot provides a nice alternative and somewhat different proposition.

Like the CanAmp, this is also a two-stage amplifier, and has a pure class-A output stage as well. But similarities end here. CanAlot is a rare piece amongst the headphone amplifiers with its RC-coupled output (Heed's signature speciality). It almost works like their famous Transcap-technology amplifiers, conveying all of their benefits. Of course, the power delivery system is tuned to the lower demands of the headphones.

For a nice and smooth sound the CanAlot has heed's new regulated power supply. It works well with the supplied outboard PSU, but of course, there is always an upgrade option. The Q-PSU is the next step up with its generously sized linear, regulated power rails - and when coupled with the CanAlot this combination as a headphone amplifier by itself will lose you in the immediacy and intimacy of music.

Perfect for anyone wanting extreme performance with their headphones, and a perfect 'desktop' audio system in it's own right as it can be perfectly paired with a MAC or PC to get the very best from any high-resolution digital audio formats. Remember - it can be audio system in it's own right (can be used very effectively as a pre-amplifier as well), so if you wanted to power some speakers locally as well - you could easily add in a Heed Obelisk PS amplifier for a bit more indulgence!

Reference is an over used word these days in amplification and in Hi-Fi in general, but if you were to 'reference' a product for sheer musicality (especially in today's increasingly ''austere" digital world) that invokes such warmth, tonal dexterity and realism - then the Heed CanAlot would be one of the first options on a page.

Heed Audio CanAlot MKIII: Reference Class A Headphone Amplifier/DAC - Features & Benefits:

2 headphone connectors
Capacitor-coupled output
Upgradeable power supply options
Optional DAC 1.3 & USB 2.0 cards
Analogue, S/PDIF digital and USB 2.0 inputs

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