Phonosophie Pure Silver Internal 20mm x 5mm Fuse (Slow Blow)
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Phonosophie Pure Silver Internal 20mm x 5mm Fuse (Slow Blow)

Pure silver fuses to upgrade the internal fuses in Hi-Fi components

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Phonosophie Pure Silver Internal 20mm x 5mm T Fuse

There can not be any doubt that the typical freebie fuse used in audio equipment is a “strangulation point” in the performance of these components.

Makes a significant upgrade over standard stock internal fuses

After ensuring comfortable power flow through your mains cables, why limit their performance effect by having AC power flow through a component that was never built with audio performance in mind!

You would expect the Power Amplifier in a system to benefit most out of these fuse upgrades and deeper more controlled bass, more focus, better detail retrieval and new level of tonal purity is achieved when Phonosophie Fuses are installed in Power and Integrated Amplifiers.

Our listening tests have however shown that even low current components like Phono Pre Amplifiers, CD, DVD have more focus, better detail retrieval and reach a new level of tonal purity with these Fuses installed.

Available in the following ratings Slow T 

200mA, 400mA, 630mA, 1.6A, 2.0A, 2.5A, 3.15A, 4.0A, 5.0A, 6.3A, 8.0A, 10.0A



Consider this an ESSENTIAL upgrade!

Extending the range of high performance fuses now available in the UK from PHONOSOPHIE, additional values of the pure silver component fuses have now been introduced

Copper/silver melt wire, anti-vibration body

You have to start from the beginning: with the power. The entire system has to be able to provide as much stable energy as possible in the shortest possible time

The cleaner the power, the clearer the audio image produced. It is easier to distinguish and follow the details.

The more current is made available per fraction of a second, the more the audio information can be brought forward, particularly low level information.



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