Connected Fidelity CF Mains Fuses (Box of 3)
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 Connected Fidelity CF Mains Fuses (Box of 3)Connected Fidelity CF Mains Fuses (Box of 3) 

Connected Fidelity CF Mains Fuses (Box of 3)

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Connected-Fidelity CF Mains Fuses (Box of 3)

Straight talking about mains power fuses for audio and A/V.

It is now understood that electrons do not ‘flow’ like water, but rather they ‘propagate’ in a wave of energy that moves along the electrons in the atoms that make up the conductor wire, at the speed of light. Fuses and fuse holders are a part of that conductor, its imperative to ensure good electrical propagation through these component parts. The fuse wire and connections between it and the cables on both sides form a link in your mains power supply to each piece of equipment in your audio or A/V system.

connected-fidelity™ mains power fuses have been developed to minimise power propagation issues. No fancy rare earth materials or expensive plating finishes are required in our opinion, these certainly increase the price and look lovely, but the fuse will ultimately be fitted into a relatively low-quality commercial grade fuse holder as most are made from a bronze alloy with a Tin or Nickel electro-plated finish, except in higher quality audiophile plugs and equipment, and even the best of these are not perfect connectors.

We have concentrated on what is important
Reducing the impact both the fuse and holder together have on power propagation though these connected components.

The fuse: Through extensive listening tests, we discovered that there are several ways of improving the fuse ‘performance’ for audio and A/V use.

1. A deep cryogenic treatment (extended soaking of the fuse at a temperature close to absolute zero) cold anneals conductive metal materials and better bonds the silver alloy fuse wire to the copper fuse end caps at a molecular level, also improving the conductivity of both silver alloy fuse wire and copper connecting ends. 

2. Adding a resonance damping sleeve over the ceramic fuse case for increased mechanical isolation.

3. Applying an exceedingly high voltage (400,000V with minute amperage) through the fuse does more than simply ‘run in’ the fuse. We are into the realm of quantum mechanics here, and whilst other fuse brands do this as their sole improvement technique there is no real science to back it up, it just seems to work.

4. Finally, the application of a conductor cleaning agent to the fuse caps and mating parts of the fuse holder immediately before fitting. We supply a cleaning cloth with every box of connected-fidelity™ fuses, to remove dirt, grease, and oxidisation from both the fuse and the fuse holder conductive surfaces. 

Excellent value
There has been little precise science involved, we worked with our ears to achieve an excellent result that does not ‘break the bank’. We supply the fuses in 3’s because you should use them in every audio or A/V component and a ‘multi-pack’ is best value.

Noticeable performance gain
Indeed, they are very low-cost compared to many of the other audio quality fuse brands available and we find they offer improved performance, particularly powering source components like phono-stages, CD players and streamers; along with pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and A/V equipment. 

CF Fuse Specifications
CF13A and CF5A Audiophile fuses for UK plugs.

Full British Standard approval

5 amp and 13 amp fuse ratings available

Silver alloy fuse wire held in ‘anti-shock’ filler.

Thick ceramic body

Anti-resonance sleeve over body

Copper end-caps, polished nickel plated.

Deep Cryogenic treatment

Ultra-high voltage treatment

Boxed in 3’s 

Complete with cleaning cloth

For Audio
Fuller sound quality

More dynamics

Better sound staging 

For Picture
Clearer picture definition

Deeper colours, blacker blacks

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"Probably" the best cost effective non 13a u.k mains fuse to buy!
04 July 2023  | 

I`ve got a Plethora of tweaks in my system(and over the years)that include interconnects,mains cabling dc boxes,fuses,linear psu`s etc.
The cf mains fuses are for my sources & pre-amp. I read that these components SHOULD`NT have a 13a fuse as this is too high an amperage.
I went with 5 amps and wasn`t expecting much of a sound quality improvement due to the other fuses already installed that cost more. But to my amazement the system improved AGAIN - just more of EVERYTHING that was/is great sounding which is;clearer less sibilant highs with extension,mids that are a marvel for the cost of the system,BASS(hahah)low,extended and textured but the BIGGEST change is soundstaging two words - Super Wide!
Now I don`t know if everyone would/CAN hear the difference but for the fairly "lowly" cost about the price of a lower cost "audiophile record" or these 3 fuses for the price of my other make 13a fuses,you stand a very good chance of VASTLY improving your hifi set-up!
Thing with hifi fuses is you MUST try them in BOTH ways even if you DO hear an improvement 1st time around,this is just to prove that it`s not in your head I`d like to think that MOST owners know their own systems well enough to realise there IS a difference once a hifi fuse is installed - better OR worse.
Me I`m on about 11th fuse all in and would never be without them,NEVER - YMMV.
As for the service from the good people at analogue seduction ,I had/get EXCELLENT service from all there for anything that I`ve ever purchased with quick dispatch times as long as the item IS in stock,but you need to call to clarify.
These along with my other make of fuses have saved me spending £6000+ on new speakers(win win win).
Thank you for taking the time to read my humble opinion,good luck with your endeavours in hifi.

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