Audiomica Laboratory Anort Consequence Ethernet Network Cable
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Audiomica Laboratory Anort Consequence Ethernet Network Cable

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Audiomica Laboratory Anort Consequence Ethernet Network Cable

Anort Consequence is the highest quality Ethernet / Lan cable in the Audiomica Laboratory offer. The cable has been designed for Hi-end streaming systems and high-quality music servers. The base of the conductor is 8 wires made of copper OCC 7N, grouped in 4 pairs. Data transmission takes place in a closed system of triple shielding developed for high speed signal transmission.
The cable was made based on the highest category 8.2 / class II (operating band: +2000 MHz). This means that the cable is adapted to work with the most demanding and advanced TCP / IP and UDP protocols, which enables the best video streaming in 4K, 8K and 10K + resolutions. Anort is compatible with earlier standards - high bandwidth is not a problem when operating category 6A.
The characteristics of TCP / IP transmission allow to correct any signal errors by replenishing data - missing or corrupted data packets are sent again. Streaming sound is distinguished by a single packet transmission, therefore missing data can not be completed. Therefore, the quality of the conductor is a great importance during audio streaming.
The cable is equipped with the highest quality Telegärtner RJ45 plugs with gold-plated pins and an anti-static sleeve by Acoustic Points, which provides excellent protection against static electrical changes. In addition, the anti-static material hides the original 3 core TFSS filter, minimizing interference and potential signal degradation.
The cable design includes a modern geometry of conductors and the use of the highest quality components developed especially for high frequency digital signals. The cable designed for the needs of the Consequence series guarantees the highest level of quality of multimedia content streaming. The signal transmitted by Anort is characterized by consistency. It shows a wide aspect of the sound containing the smallest details.

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