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Quadraspire SVT Wall Bracket
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Quadraspire SVT Wall Bracket

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Quadraspire SVT Wall Bracket

All our racks are designed to be light and rigid to deliver a clearer, cleaner musical performance. We achieve this by combining Wood or Bamboo shelving with solid Aluminium columns & feet. The advantages of Aluminium are its low weight, high strength and nonmagnetic properties as well as being a good thermal and electrical conductivity.

Hence we used it in the development our standard wall bracket which consists of a back plate with 2 arms that have holes for locating the adjustable spikes of the Q4 or SVT shelf and allows for precision levelling of the shelf. This standard wall bracket can hold any component up to 20 kilos. For heavier components we developed the Bamboo wall bracket that can hold upto 40 kilos. And has all the advantages of Bamboo construction.

For both the Standard aluminium wall bracket and the bamboo wall bracket we have developed new spike assemblies based on the design of the Bronze upgrade - one in Aluminium and one in Bronze. Clamping of the shelf is critical to performance but results in quite a tall spike assembly taking up more space than is necessary. Using the Bronze upgrade design we have been able to reduce the height and thereby the mass and improve performance as well. For the Aluiminium version we include a small bronze spike so that it has some of the benefits of Bronze performance.
Again all of this has been achieved through R&D and extensive listening tests using the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way as the finest musical instruments are developed.

The main design features of the Wall bracket spike assembly are the SVT curve design of the top bolt and the rounded spikes that together encourage any residual mechanical resonance to flow and dissipate more easily.

The assembly consists of a Top Bolt and Lock nut and then a small rounded spike and smaller locknut that screws into the top bolt – all engineered at our factory south of Bath. The upgrade can be easily fitted to the top shelf of a Wall bracket for the benefit of the source component placed onto that shelf. Any component placed on a shelf fitted with the bronze upgrade will have a noticeable improvement, music becomes more open and involving without loss of detail.


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