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Audio Suspension Isolation Plinth
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 Audio Suspension Isolation PlinthAudio Suspension Isolation Plinth 

Audio Suspension Isolation Plinth

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Audio Suspension Isolation Plinth

Our isolation plinth is the ideal solution for isolating individual pieces of equipment from unwanted vibration and resonance. Using the same 20mm high grade acrylic as our other products with an inset spirit level, the plinth also features high quality aluminium legs. These use a high quality 5/8" Chrome steel bearing (Grade 100) to support and isolate. The principle used to isolate, is based on minimising contact between the supporting surfaces within the foot, bearing and isolating base plate. Contact points are literally no more than a hairline width. 

The combination of chrome steel, aluminium and nitrile rubber rings within the foot combine to act as a barrier against unwanted vibrations, the combination of materials helps to absorb a wide variety of unwanted sound frequencies. 

Some of the benefits experienced can be heard in a tighter base response and improvement in the soundstage when fitted to turntables and a general reduction of transmission of unwanted noise and vibration within your equipment. 

This plinth is perfect for larger pieces of equipment that need individual isolation like power amplifiers or turntables. 

Key Features

  • High-grade 20mm low-resonance acrylic 
  • Hand turned aluminium legs 
  • Chrome steel bearing isolation 
  • Inset spirit level 
  • Supports up to 40kg 
  • Beautiful aesthetics compliment cherished hi-fi equipment 
  • Bespoke manufacturing service available


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