Atlas Asimi Ultra Luxe RCA S/PDIF Digital Interconnect
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 Atlas Asimi Ultra Luxe RCA S/PDIF Digital InterconnectAtlas Asimi Ultra Luxe RCA S/PDIF Digital Interconnect 

Atlas Asimi Ultra Luxe RCA S/PDIF Digital Interconnect

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Atlas Asimi Ultra Luxe RCA S/PDIF Digital Interconnect

Asimi Ultra RCA S/PDIF

Our ultimate wide-bandwidth S/PDIF cable, featuring a high-purity solid silver conductor, and a graded multi-layer ‘combination’ dielectric painstakingly constructed to fully exploit the physical stability of foamed Polyethylene and the super efficiency of microporous PTFE. This construction, incorporating three layers of shielding, ensures the cable strictly adheres to a true 75 Ohm impedance to minimise jitter.


A world class 75 Ohm digital cable.

Performance consistency is further enhanced by careful application of the PTFE layer to trap the maximum amount of nature’s ideal dielectric – air.

Recommended for use whenever ultimate signal integrity is mandated, for example between a ‘high-end’ CD transport or streamer and DAC, the Asimi Ultra S/PDIF cable follows logically from our creation of the outstanding Mavros S/PDIF interconnect, itself described by HiFi World magazine as “a quite magnificent digital cable.”

Asimi is a cable with extremely high precision transmission and termination standards, incorporating total 360° triple-layer shielding to prevent the ingress of ‘noise’ and signal distortion caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), which can manifest as digital glare and/or temporal smearing, the Asimi represents the pinnacle of our digital cable expertise and is intended for use in the world’s finest audio systems.

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