Connected Fidelity Unity 75 Ohm Digital Interconnect Cables
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Connected Fidelity Unity 75 Ohm Digital Interconnect Cables

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Connected Fidelity Unity 75 Ohm Digital Interconnect Cables

It’s all about the integrity of a digital signal.
connected-fidelity™ UNITY true 75 ohm cables not only comply 100% with the 75 ohm S/PDIF coaxial digital standards for the transfer of digital audio data (unlike many others) but are also optimally designed for use with high end digital home audio equipment.
The co-axial cable and plug geometry offers a virtually perfect 75 ohm specification, terminated with either BNC or RCA (or combination of) connectors that are themselves engineered specifically to offer 75 ohm continuity. The 75 ohm perfect (and constant) impedance avoids the "signal reflections" issue, that alters digital signals in ways that are clearly audible, reducing musical fidelity.
Construction integrity
The high purity stranded copper data conductor is held within a dielectric material that is in turn 100% shielded from outside radio frequency interference by a two layer RF shield. A soft rubber coat protects the entire cable which in turn is covered with a hard wearing braided outer covering that also reduces air borne resonance effects on the cable.
A true 75 ohm RCA connector
Many digital home-audio S/PDIF input and output sockets on audio equipment are RCA type. Most RCA plugs used to terminate 75 ohm digital cables are not designed for the task, they are not 75 ohm compatible and have issues arising such as signal reflections, jitter, and phase drift, all clearly audible distortions that colour the sound quality. The UNITY RCA digital plug is designed to offer 75 ohm integrity and removes these problems. 
Cable connection options and lengths
UNITY true 75 ohm cables are terminated RCA/RCA. BNC/RCA and BNC/BNC. All termination options available on standard 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 meter cable lengths. Special cable lengths can be made to your requirement. Please ask your Dealer or connected-fidelity™ for a quotation.
Cryogenically treated
All UNITY cables undergo deep cryogenic treatment, a process that cold anneals the wires and connectors. This process enhances all aspects of the sound quality the UNITY digital cables offer, bringing them that much closer to perfection. No one has exactly identified how this process improves the quality of non-ferrous materials, there is no material change to be seen under an electron microscope, but we know it has a seriously beneficial effect on the transmitted digital signal.
Hand-made build quality
All connected-fidelity™ products are hand made in the UK by expert craftsmen and engineers, trained to produce the finest workmanship. We make cables to last a lifetime, a lifetime of pleasure.

  • Cable design: Co-axial, true 75 ohm construction.

  • Inner conductor, multi-strand OFC Copper.

  • Dielectric, Polyethylene.

  • Screen, 2 x tight braided OFC copper.

  • Gold plated data connections (BNC and RCA).

  • BNC and RCA plug Impedances 75 Ohm.

  • Cable impedance 75 ohm, +- 3% (10MHz).

  • Cable Capacitance 67 +- 3nF/km (1kHz).

  • Nominal attenuation @ 10MHz over 100 Mtrs. 2.9dB.

  • Outside cable diameter : 9.5mm.

  • 100% Deep cryogenic treated.

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