Black Rhodium Anthem Digital Cable
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Black Rhodium Anthem Digital Cable

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Black Rhodium Anthem Digital Cable

Anthem is a digital audio interconnect designed to be connected between CD transport machines and a high quality digital to audio converter.

Anthem is fitted with high quality RCA interconnects at both ends.

Anthem has been designed to deliver the very highest quality music signal in your music system. Anthem has been developed around the GN4 RCA plug specially designed to deliver the most accurate signal connection.

Users with BNC type connectors can be best served by using an RCA to BNC adapter. Whilst this may be a small compromise in sound quality, this is far outweighed by the quality of Anthem cable designed around its RCA connectors.

Anthem cable uses a conductor wire selected for outstanding sound quality and this is cryogenically treated. The cryogenic process reduces stresses in the metal that occur whilst cooling during manufacture, bonding the atoms closer together. This gives a quality of sound in which all aspects of the cable’s performance are improved.

The conductor wire in Anthem is fully damped along its length to minimise distortion from internal micro-vibrations caused by variation in electrical current.

Anthem is extremely well screened to ensure an absolute minimum of RFI and EMI can penetrate its shield to modulate the music signal and spoil your musical enjoyment.

The plugs fitted to Anthem are GN4 rhodium plated RCA plugs with a ‘Straight Line Return’ conductor which we find delivers a much clearer quality of sound than the more popular plug which connects along its whole circumference. The connectors are plated in rhodium for superior sound to gold plated connectors.

Anthem is supplied in lengths of 1 metre and 1.5 metres and we can supply longer lengths to meet customer’s special requirements.

  • 2 x RCA – BNC adapters are supplied free of charge with each Anthem cable. 

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