Weiss DAC 205 Digital to Analogue Converter
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 Weiss DAC 205 Digital to Analogue ConverterWeiss DAC 205 Digital to Analogue Converter 

Weiss DAC 205 Digital to Analogue Converter

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Weiss DAC 205 Digital to Analogue Converter


Expand and improve your existing setup by adding the DAC205 D/A converter. The DAC205 accepts incoming digital audio in the S/PDIF or AES/EBU formats and delivers a pristine analogue output that betters the DACs built into most audio interfaces, CD players, and other devices with digital audio outputs.


The DAC205 accepts incoming digital audio via its S/PDIF or TOSLINK inputs, transparently converts it to analogue audio, and delivers pristine sound via its XLR or RCA outputs. Two different units with digital outputs can be simultaneously connected to the DAC205. The active input is easily selected with the front-mounted input selector switch.

It uses no less than four D/A converters per audio channel, operated in parallel for enhanced signal-to-noise performance. Several signal reclocking schemes are combined to achieve high jitter attenuation.


The DAC205 is equally suited for a high-end hi-fi setup as in a professional mixing or mastering studio.

Hifi users will typically feed it from the digital output of a playback device such as a CD player or a network player. For professional audio engineers, the input can be fed from an audio interface’s S/PDIF or AES/EBU output.

The common denominator is that the conversion quality of the DAC205 will significantly surpass the DACs built into most such output devices.


Compared to its larger sibling, the DAC204, the DAC205 offers the same conversion quality. But it does not accept digital audio via USB and does not perform DSD to PCM conversion.

The DAC205 is a relatively affordable option to Weiss Engineering’s higher-grade units, such as the DAC501 and the HELIOS. It has a reduced feature set but offers conversion quality far above competing products in the same price bracket.

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