Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid
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Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission FluidChord Company ChordOhmic Transmission FluidChord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid

Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid

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Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid

Four years in development (and 500 prototypes later!) Chord Company is proud to announce its long-awaited ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, a highly advanced liquid polymer solution, specifically designed to maximise the surface area of a variety of plug connections, improving their performance.
Developed by an acclaimed industrial chemist and Andante Largo in Japan, the new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid works by deploying polymers to fill pits and imperfections on the surfaces of connections, creating a greater contact area and, therefore, improving the performance of the connection: the lower the resistance, the higher the current (signal).
After a painstaking research period, the final formulation has been proven to deliver long-term stability for very low-voltage connections, performing consistently over all connection types, voltages and frequencies.
ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid is distinguished from other enhancing products, as the formula starts to work at very low voltage thresholds and, when applied carefully, has a very long operational life; the original long-term test cables (built and treated over four years ago) are still significantly outperforming the identical (but untreated) cables, built at the same time.
ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid can be applied to all metal contacts, from speaker cable connections and interconnect cable plugs, to power cables and more. Being water- rather than oil-based, its non-toxic formula is not harmful to the environment


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