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Clearaudio Statement Record Clamp
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 Clearaudio Statement Record ClampClearaudio Statement Record Clamp 

Clearaudio Statement Record Clamp

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Clearaudio Statement Record Clamp

Designed and engineered for the ground-breaking Statement turntable, the Clearaudio Statement Clamp can be used effectively on most turntables. Consisting of "panzerholz" wood laminate and stainless steel, it features three-point resonance absorption technology. Even in the context of the Statement turntable, Ken Kessler found the Statement Clamp offers "earth shattering" gains.

"What I heard was a change greater than any cable swap, a change on a par with a speaker swap. I kid you not.... He had changed the conical metal weight for a label-sized disc of sandwich construction: a disc of metal between two discs of wood, the entire affair no thicker than eight CDs and weighing but a few ounces. No clamping, just a pressure fit over the spindle. The gains were earth-shattering... better treble extension, sweeter vocals, less sibilance, rounder bass, more air." (Ken Kessler, September 2006)

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