Heed Thesis Delta CD Transport
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Heed Thesis Delta CD Transport

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Heed Thesis Delta CD Transport

Thesis: a CD player which creates music that captivates us, and enchants us.

Aesthetically the codes of the brand and the line Thesis are respected. Half format and sobriety. The backlighted black aluminum-rimmed glass front is differentiated from the other elements of the line by the light bar that runs through it, consisting of the aluminum drawer and three control buttons. Both versions of the Thesis Delta transport and integrated reader are externally strictly identical.

The Thesis Delta uses only very high quality components: Mundorf capacitors (some on specifications) and Nichicon, low tolerance metal film resistors sorted, quality connectors. Rigorous implementation.

 Each function of signal reading, transport and signal processing has its own dedicated power line, completely isolated and independent of the others. It is a linear power supply, divided into three main parts, The transformer designed specifically for Heed has a very important power reserve.

The Heed Thesis Delta is living proof that it's possible to create audio equipment that makes recorded music live, "engraved" into bits - audio holography at its best. Just for fun.

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