Esoteric K-05XD SACD/CD player
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 Esoteric K-05XD SACD/CD playerEsoteric K-05XD SACD/CD player 

Esoteric K-05XD SACD/CD player

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Esoteric K-05XD SACD/CD player

VRDS (Vibration-Free Rigid Disc-Clamping System) is the core technology of the CD/Super Audio CD transport mechanism that Esoteric has been focusing on since the establishment of the brand. The disc is securely clamped to a turntable of the same diameter for rotation, thoroughly eliminating unwanted vibrations from the disc itself and the mechanism. Servo current is minimized by correcting disc warpage with the turntable and greatly improving the relative optical axis accuracy between the optical pickup and the disc pit surface. With these features, disc read errors are significantly reduced and achieves superior sound quality.
The VRDS mechanism continues to evolve. The biggest highlight in its illustrious history is the new VRDS-ATLAS platform, which boasts the highest level of perfection and sound quality. The K-05XD edition is equipped with the newly designed VRDS-ATLAS “ATLAS 05”. The ATLAS 05 is based on the same design architecture of the “VRDS-Reference” mechanism employed in Grandioso models, but exclusively customized for the K-05XD.
ATLAS 05 – Mechanical construction
The core of the ATLAS 05 transport mechanism is a hybrid turntable made of high-precision aluminum and polycarbonate materials. This beautiful design, inspired by a master tape reel, and its superior vibration control capability, embody the identity of the 05 Series Super Audio CD Players, which have a history of dating back more than 15 years, to the birth of the P-05.
Polycarbonate, the same material as the disc, contributes to natural sound quality with little coloration, and the hybridization with spoke-shaped aluminum effectively disperses vibration modes associated with high-speed rotation, successfully minimizing rotation noise and rotation inertia, while the bridge section supporting the turntable is larger and wider than that of the VRDS-NEO, and is made of a machined aluminum block 10 mm thick with a beautiful hairline finish, while its high rigidity and heavy weight construction effectively eliminate vibrations that affect sound quality.
Wide and low center of gravity design
Key to the VRDS-ATLAS design concept is mechanical grounding technology, which dampens vibrations more efficiently. The entire mechanism is designed with a wide and low profile design to achieve a low center of gravity. At the same time, by mounting the turntable drive motor on the underside of the turntable, the path for vibration to be grounded is greatly shortened and mechanical noise is reduced. The tray is minimally hollowed out to increase rigidity, and a rubber stopper prevents resonance when the tray is stored.
Chassis Construction and Component Layout
With the complete renewal of the 05 series, the chassis has undergone the most significant evolution in terms of appearance. To accommodate a larger ATLAS mechanism than the VRDS-NEO and to further enhance the scale of the circuitry, a dual layer large chassis is employed instead of the previous slim, single-layer chassis, while maintaining the same depth. The VRDS-ATLAS transport mechanism is center-placed and rigidly fixed to a 5mm-thick steel bottom chassis via a 2mm-thick steel base plate, while the entire chassis is then supported at three points by a unique pin-point foot (Japan Patent No. 4075477 and 3778108).
Like upper class models, the bottom chassis has been laser cut with slits to effectively disperse and suppress vibrations from the rotating mechanism. Inside the dual layer chassis, audio circuit boards are mainly placed on the upper layer and power supply circuits and transformers on the lower layer to prevent magnetic flux leakage and vibration, and to minimize power supply wiring to refine the pure tone quality.
Semi-floating top panel
The semi-floating structure of the top panel, which is not tightened with screws, brings out extensive and open sound.

Analog Audio Outputs  
XLR/ES-Link Analog × 1 pair
RCA × 1 pair
Digital Audio Outputs  
XLR × 1
Coaxial × 1
Digital Audio Inputs  
USB × 1
Coaxial × 1
Optical × 1
10MHz Clock Input  
BNC × 1
External Control Section  
RS-232C × 1
Trigger In ⅛” (3.5mm) Monaural mini jack × 1
  AC 120V, 60Hz
  AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 161 × 357mm (including protrusions)
Weight 20.7kg

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