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ORB Hi end CRE-2 Cartridge Energizer

ORB Hi end CRE-2 Cartridge Energizer

ORB's high-end analogue cartridge energizer
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ORB High-end CRE-2 Cartridge Energizer

ORB’s high-end analogue cartridge energizer CRE-2 is a dedicated tool item for the discerning analogue fan.

CRE-2 warms up the cartridge damper by making a small vibration with a sine wave of 800Hz.
The warmed up damper will ensure your cartridge will always sound at its very best

[ Easy and simple operation ]
To use CRE-2,. Just place the stylus on the silver mirrored platform  and press start. The small vibration of 800Hz will activate. This vibration is so minute and doesn’t damage the stylus.

[ Indicator lamps ]
Indicator lamps tell you the remaining time and setting time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. This indicator also shows remaining  battery power

[ light ]
  Built in lamp to see the stylus.



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Frequency :
800Hz sine wave

Working duration :
15minutes (indicate by 5 minutes)

Battery :

Dimension/ Weight :
W:46 x H:40 x L:95.5mm / 190g



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