KAB SuperFlex Tonearm Wire (Set of 4 - Sold off the reel per foot)
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KAB SuperFlex Tonearm Wire (Set of 4 - Sold off the reel per foot)

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KAB SuperFlex Tonearm Wire (Set of 4 - Sold off the reel per foot)

For a longer length than 1 foot simply order a qty more than 1. An order of 3 will get you 3 feet of this cable in one run.

Each fine silicone coated wire is made up of 40 strands of 50 Ga. Pure litz copper, 34 Ga total. Sold buy the foot in sets of 4. Coded Red, Green, Blue, and White. You will not find a more flexible tonearm wire. Handles like a wet noodle. It will not bind or cause arm motion due to twisting or insulation tension.

Tonearm wire has two basic requirements. One, it must be flexible. Tonearm wire must not interfere with the motion of the arm. Interfering with arm motion can introduce low level distortions that obscure fine details. Two, it must be a top quality conductor, preferably Litz copper. KAB would not have entered the wire making business if it weren't for the lack of tonearm wire meeting those 2 basic requirements.

  We have rewired hundreds of Technics arms over the years. And have come to the conclusion that the companies making "tonearm wire" have never actually rewired a tonearm. For if they had, they would immediately realize that Teflon is perhaps the least desirable insulation. First and foremost, tonearm wire must be flexible, and you cannot get there with Teflon. And, worse yet, Teflon requires a graphite coating to eliminate the triboelectric charge that occurs with motion. This charging and discharging is what causes microphonics with Teflon wires. But there is a better way.

   So, after many years, I am very excited to finally introduce a tonearm wire made for people that actually rewire tonearms and play records. KAB SuperFlex™ Litz tonearm wire. Each 34 gauge wire is made up of 40 strands of 50 gauge pure copper litz conductors enveloped in a very thin film of super flexible silicone. Our new tonearm wire lays as limp as a wet noodle! It will not interfere with tonearm motion in any way. It will not resonate in the audio band. It will not develop a static charge nor create microphonics with motion. KAB SuperFlex is the definition of tonearm wire. Sold in sets of 4 colors Red, Green, Blue and White.

KAB SuperFlex tonearm wire should be stripped with a good quality mechanical wire stripper. Then lightly twirl the strands between your fingers. Now, pre tin them by simply applying a soldering iron and solder, The poly film will bubble off and the wires will tin very quickly. The wire is a joy to work with, really. Just remember that the high degree of flexibility requires that you handle the wires lightly. Do not stretch or tug on them.

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