AudioQuest HDMI 90N Right Angled Adaptor

AudioQuest HDMI 90N Right Angled Adaptor

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AudioQuest HDMI 90°N Right Angled Adaptor 

Most new flat screen television have the HDMI socket on the side and a lot of HDMI cables are quite stiff which means it can be quite difficult to connect them properly. This also means that an elegant flat screen television has the HDMI cable sticking out of the side.

Also, some televisions have HDMI sockets facing backwards creating yet more issues as it can be difficult to get the TV flat to the wall.

AudioQuest's HDMI right angle adaptor can create the opportunity to make your HDMI cable more discrite. A side facing socket can be routed backwards or downwards whereas a back facing socket sideways or downwards. (Dependant on how the sockets are situated onto the television)



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