Ortofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil Cartridge
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 Ortofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil CartridgeOrtofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil Cartridge 

Ortofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil Cartridge

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Ortofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil Cartridge

Ortofon Exchange Scheme: An Ortofon moving coil cartridge may be traded in against an equivalent (or superior) model and qualify for up to 25% discount off the cost of the new cartridge (25% based upon the cost of the cartridge to be traded in or current equivalent, please get in touch to find out how much your cartridge can be traded in for), up to 30% of the value of the new cartridge. 

Cadenza Series

The Cadenza Series of high-end Moving Coil (MC) cartridges was born out of the success of Ortofon's Kontrapunkt and MC Jubilee models. Though these models are amongst the most popular Ortofon has ever produced, the Danish cartridge masters still decided to develop a new range that was even more ambitious.

The name Cadenza comes from the Italian word for cadence, and refers to the section in a concert where the orchestra stops playing, leaving the soloist to play alone in free time without a strict, regular pulse. A Cadenza can be written or improvised, but it's usually the most elaborate and virtuosic part the solo instrument plays during the whole piece. It therefore seemed fitting that such a capable and nuanced cartridge series should use the same name.

By carefully implementing cobalt-iron pole pieces,  using new improved winding processes on the armature, and employing an extruded aluminium housing - amongst other changes - the Cadenza Series is able to out-perform all those that came before it. Like other modern ranges, the Cadenza Series is structured in Ortofon's preferred colour-tier nomenclature; so there are Red, Blue, Bronze, Black and Mono (White) variants available to suit varying budgets and tastes.

As with all modern Ortofon ranges, the top cartridge in the Cadenza Series is the Black model. The Cadenza Black is a flagship-status cartridge that boasts a a pristine-cut Nude Shibata stylus with a boron cantilever. The effective mass of the stylus/cantilever system is extremely low due to the use of a very thin boron rod; this material is extremely stiff and even more lightweight than aluminium, making it a real premium component choice. The coil wire is the famous Ortofon Aucurum wire, which is a gold plated version of the popular 6NX copper wire.

The Black model also uses Ortofon's Wide Range Damping (WRD) system, effectively controlling the high- and low-frequency damping separately. WRD was originally developed in 1979 for the MC 20 MK II, but since that time it has been more commonly reserved only for Ortofon's super-high-end cartridges, such as the MC Windfeld. It works by clamping a small, heavy disc of exotic metal between two rubber absorbers with different properties. The result is superlative tracking ability (90µm with the Cadenza Black) with perfect damping across the whole frequency range and no distortion or resonance. Thanks to WRD, the Cadenza Black spans a very wide frequency range compared to other models in the Cadenza Series.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for an amazing tonal neutrality, dynamics and purity of sound
  • The best of everything, true to the groove with resolution and accurate insight into each recording
  • Internal coils from the famous Ortofon Aucurum wire, which is a gold plated 6NX copper wire
  • Stainless steel aluminium cartridge body
  • Nude Shibata stylus profile with boron cantilever


Output Voltage (at 1kHz, 5cm/sec):
Channel Balance at 1kHz:
< 0.8dB
Channel Separation at 1kHz:
> 27dB
Channel Separation at 15kHz:
> 20dB
Frequency Range (at -3dB):
20 Hz - 60 kHz
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz:
+1.5 / 0
Tracking Ability at 315Hz:
Typically 90μm
Compliance, Dynamic, Lateral:
16μm / mN
Stylus Type:
Nude Shibata
Stylus Tip Radius r / R:
6 / 50μm
Tracking Force Range:
2.0 - 2.5g (20 - 25mN)
Recommended Tracking Force:
2.3g (23mN)
Tracking Angle:
Internal Impedance / DC Resistance:
Recommended Load Impedance:
> 10Ω
Cartridge Body Material:
Stainless Steel Aluminium
Cartridge Colour:
Black / Black
Cartridge Weight:
Average Rating (5 Reviews):  
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29 November 2021  | 

I m just starting to enjoy my vinyl again after a short absence and with the new cartridge it sounds wonderful.

I would also like to thank Terry at Analogue Seduction for all his help and assistance. Great service.

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19 August 2020  | 

Bought this as part of a general equipment upgrade and to replace a Benz Micro Glider cartridge. It is partnered with a Pro-Ject RPM 10 Carbon.

Versus the Benz? No contest! Right out of the box this cartridge was digging out detail I had never heard before, and presenting it in way I had never experienced. It is unphased by anything you throw at it.And I swear it gets better and better.

Just brilliant. If you are looking to upgrade then simple recommendation. Buy this!

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7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

Sweet sounding Cartridge
14 July 2020  | 

I bought this as a combination with the Pro-Ject Signature 10 and it is a sweet sounding combination which keeps getting better. Beautiful soundstage and detailed is how I would describe the sound. I recommend the Cadenza Black and Pro-Ject Signature 10 as a match made in heaven. Thanks Martin (sales) for your help. A very satisfied customer.

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6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

Ortofon Cadenza Black
01 January 2019  | 

What can I say, I'm on my second Cadenza Black and the chaps at AS made my choice an easy one. Superlative sound, faultless tracking, fabulous stylus and easy to install. What made the deal even sweeter was the generous trade in allowance I got for my old Cadenza Black, happy days indeed.

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Serious Upgrade
11 October 2018  | 

I am very fortunate indeed. I love music, and have had the good fortune in recent years to upgrade my amps, speakers, and more recenty my turntable. My final move was to upgrade my cartridge. Having had Ortofons since the 1970's , and never been dissapointed , I stayed the course. Howver moving from the middle high end of their MC range to the Cadenza , even for me, was a big step. In fact about a factor of three. Being a mere mortal I was not sure that the additional investment would bare any major rewards. Heck, it was my Birthday. Gary at AS said do it ! I did. The results as I spun Jess Roden as a test record were stunning. OK I hadnt listened to Jess in a few years, so I decided to spin some tried and tested stuff. Tango in the Night was a regular play Little Lies became a mystical etherial event.. Lets get heavier Zep, "In thru the outdoor " was clunkier and provided subleties I had never heard previuoulsy !

I have done commenting , I have a lot of vinyl to re-visit . I am looking forward to new impressions of my 40+ year old pressings. Thanks AS, thanks Ortofon !.

Mike 2018

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