Koetsu Coralstone Platinum Series Moving Coil Cartridge
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Koetsu Coralstone Platinum Series Moving Coil Cartridge

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Koetsu Coralstone Platinum Moving Coil Cartridge

"The end result is harmonious and cohesive, and the music unfolds in a way that gives you more time to listen – more time to unravel the individual strands that form part of the whole."



The Koetsu Coralstone Platinum Cartridge possesses incontrovertible seductive power, body and presence. A presentation so convincing it literally swallows you into the music. The Coralstone's rendition of acoustic music and vocals glows in such a realistic manner it is hard to believe it is recorded music. Detail is prodigiously fused into a coherent musical event. 

Big orchestrals are absolutely seamlessly and effortlessly presented. Passages with highly Dynamic swings are as limberly and gracefully handled as solos and intimate pieces. All music genres are perfectly served by the Coralstone's absolute stability, uncanny presence and assertive body. Extreme high and low frequencies are handled with better extension and control than other Koetsu stone bodies. It also tends to be a tad more neutral with a more transparent soundstage. It is hands down Koetsu's best cartridge, but much more Koetsu is convinced it is the best in the industry! 

Every audiophile music lover knows of the legendary sound of Koetsu phono cartridges from decades past. Those old enough to have experienced Sugano's Koetsus retain the memory of a musical experience unequaled. Few were privileged to own and enjoy a Koetsu. Many of the converted searched out second and third Koetsus, assuring a long, cherished relationship. 


The pinnacle of cartridge design can be found in a Koetsu stone body. The body is machined from a block of high quality stone. Each block is carefully selected for natural grain and polished to a very fine finish. 

Internally, only the most tightly matched silver sheathed copper coils and cores are used. Rare platinum magnets allow the stone body cartridges to fully create the ethereal sound on which Koetsu has earned its reputation. 


  • Coral Stone Body
  • Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring
  • Platinum Magnet
  • Boron Cantilever
  • 0.3 mV Output
  • 12 g Net Weight
  • Recommended Tracking Force 1.8-2.0g
  • Recommended Load 80-1,000 ohms

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