Hana Umami Red Moving Coil Cartridge
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Hana Umami Red Moving Coil Cartridge

Umami Sound means Wonderful Taste in Music

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Hana Umami Red Moving Coil Cartridge

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“The Umami Red is that rare jewel in phono cartridge; a design that gives you both the sort of detail and precision of sound that presents whatever music you put on the platter with a laser-guided focus on the recording itself, and musical grace and passion”
“The Hana ML and MH gets you glimpses of what a really good cartridge can do.  The Umami Red gives you the complete picture… this is truly top tier LP replay.”
Hi-Fi+ best cartridge of 2020 award
When you experience a particular savoury deliciousness in food, it’s Umami; and Umami coupled with other specific ingredients meld together harmoniously to become more than the sum of their parts, many of the world’s tastiest dishes are assembled in this way.
Hana’s Master cartridge designer Okada-san produces this quality in sound when he selects materials and techniques to create the richness and harmony you will experience from his new HANA-Umami Red hand-built MC cartridge.
The new HANA-Umami Red high-end MC cartridge combines classic Japanese materials and techniques with modern audio engineering. The age hardened Duralumin A7075 machined body is Urushi lacquered and incorporates an Ebony Wood ‘Tuning Key’ providing rich harmonic overtones. The unique Auricle shaped body design which mimics the outer ear rigidly couples the “Open Air” MC generator, providing focus and transparency.
Combining classic materials with high tech processes, the cryogenic treated MC generator features a samarium/cobalt magnet with a pure-iron square plate former. The coil is hand-wound with a high purity 30-micron copper wire for an internal impedance of 8Ω and .4mV output. A Nude natural diamond Micro-line stylus is bonded to the .28mm solid Boron cantilever, to capture the very smallest musical details with great dynamics, stereo imaging, and resolution.


Technical Specifications

Material Duralumin (A7075)
Finish Gloss Urushi Lacquer / Red


Cantilever Boron
Stylus Microline Nude Diamond

Magnetic Circuit

Armature material Permalloy
Armature Shape Square
Parts Material Pure Iron
Magnet Samarium Cobalt
Output Pins 24K Gold Plated


Coil Impedance > 60 Ω
Output High Purity Copper
Coil Wire Material 0.4mv
Load Impedance 6 Ω


Cryogenic Front Yoke, Rear Yoke,Pole Piece,Terminal Pins


Frequency Response 15 Hz - 50,000 Hz
Output Balance 0.5dB/1KHz
Channel Separation 30dB/1KHz
Tracking Weight 2g
Trackability 70μm/2g
Dynamic Compliance 10 x 10(-6) cm/dyne (100Hz) 
Estimated at 17 x 10(-6)cm/dyne at 10Hz
Cartridge Weight 10.5g

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