Goldring 1042 MM Cartridge
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Goldring 1042 MM Cartridge

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Goldring 1042 MM Cartridge

The 1042 is a cartridge for the audiophile who demands the ultimate performance from their system. The extended groove contact of its Gyger S diamond gives the 1042 unsurpassed resolution of the fine groove modulations, producing an exceptionally detailed, smooth and musical sound quality.

"The sound reproduced by the Goldring G1042 is deliciously detailed but lacks the 'thinness' or 'brightness' of tone and lack of 'body' found in many inexpensive high output MC's. Indeed, the whole tonal balance is spot-on and instrumental tones are rendered very convincing." 


  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz±3dB
  • Channel Balance 2dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel Separation 25dB @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity 6.5mV±1.5dB, 1kHz @ 5 cm/sec
  • Static Compliance 24mm/N lat., 16mm/N vert
  • Equivalent tip mass 0.45 mg
  • Vertical Tracking Angle 24°
  • Stylus Radius 1006 Elliptical, 1012GX Gyger II, 1022GX Gyger I, 1042 Gyger S
  • Stylus Type Replaceable
  • Load Resistance 47,000 Ohm
  • Load Capacitance 150-200pF
  • Internal Inductance 570 mH
  • Internal Resistance 660 Ohm
  • Cartridge Weight 6.3g
  • Fixing Centre 0.5” (12.7mm)
  • Playing Weight 1.5-2.0g (1.7g nom.)
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18 January 2021  | 

This is a beautiful cartridge which sounds absolutely stunning for the money and has the convenience of being an MM and a user replaceable stylus. The sound is full, rich, smooth and fulfilling. It pulls no punches - has a lot of guts but can also be refined when it needs to. Sound staging is superb.

If you are wondering which MM to go for do not hesitate - this is a winner in every way

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08 May 2019  | 

A low rider at recommended tracking weight but fabulous sound - large improvement over corus silver.

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great cartridge
26 June 2018  | 

This cartridge sounds great. A huge improvement over my old Ortofon Red.

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Clarté et douceur
20 January 2018  | 

Une définition exceptionnelle. Tom Waits semble être dans mon salon en ce moment!
That makes all the difference on my NAD 5120.

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Great cartridge
07 September 2015  | 

A great upgrade. I use this on a modified Technics 1210. Transformed the deck into something rather good. Once properly set up ( relatively simple task on these decks) and run in, you're rewarded with a smooth, balanced sound with a nice punchy bass. Good detail too. I can turn the music up more without it getting screechy or harsh like it did with the previous DJ type stylus and cartridge. Surface noise is less noticeable too. It's had me digging all sorts of records out and they all sound great.
So, I'd say it's a good all rounder on the Technics and you should put it on your short list if you own one of these decks. You might be pleasantly surprised how good the sometimes overlooked ( in hi fi circles anyway) Technics can sound. I also own a Linn LP 12/ Ittok / linn cartridge deck and to my surprise I'm listening to the modded Technics / goldring combo in preference. It sounds tight , detailed and has great timing. My only gripe might be that the Goldring cost me more than the deck!

Worth every penny though in my opinion. Try it. They're good.

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Great buy !
25 June 2014  | 

Clear detailed treble but not too bright like ortophon or AudioTechnica,no grado fog.
Full midrange with lots texture smooth or gritty depending on track.
Bass full but not bloated.
Great well balanced sound.

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