E.A.T Jo No 8 MC Cartridge
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E.A.T Jo No 8 MC Cartridge

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E.A.T Jo No 8 MC Cartridge

The Jo N°8 high-end performance moving-coil cartridge will extract more from the groove than previously imagined.

In 2018, E.A.T.'s Jo N°5 moving-coil cartridge raised the bar for affordable transducers capable of high-end performance. Reviewers around the world acknowledged that it was remarkable for a cartridge at its price point. But, they mused, what would E.A.T. deliver with no price constraints? According to founder and CEO Jozefina Lichtenegger, "Jo N°8 was created because of the demand to go one step further, following of the success of Jo N°5. Customers and distributors concurred that the design was an obvious candidate for more exclusive components, an even more carefully conducted, higher level of selection and – ultimately – a superlative, but inevitably more costly and exclusive precision-made body. We knew that this recipe would result in a wonderful-sounding transducer."

Use of the word "transducer" is the key to understanding the demands of the design criteria, with the recognition that a cartridge is just such a device: a turntable/cartridge is an electromechanical transducer that converts mechanical information into an electrical signal, working in exactly the opposite manner of a loudspeaker. This conversion is, in the opinion of E.A.T. the MOST CRITICAL element in an audio chain because any distortion or non-linearity in the amplification is ten times less than what occurs at the speakers or via the cartridge.

For the fastidious listener, any increase in one's investment in a fine cartridge is worthwhile. The benefits include the reduction of distortion to a minimum and the achievement of a perfectly flat frequency response. Accomplishing both is extremely demanding, requiring the utmost attention to detail, abetted by the use of only the highest quality materials.

But that is not enough: the designer must understand how to apply these in combination: the stylus, the cantilever, the bearing, the suspension, the "motor" and lastly, the body shell, working in perfect harmony. To elevate the already-exceptional perfor-mance of the N°5, E.A.T. has employed for the N°8 a nude Shibata stylus on a boron cantilever, contained in a matte-finished wooden body made of solid chestnut. A perfect match for the new F-Note tonearm, the Jo N°8 moving-coil cartridge will extract more from the groove than previously imagined.

Moving Coil Cartridge

    Nude Shibata
    Boron cantilever
    Elegant looks
    8N pure copper coil wire
    Selection for smallest tolerances
    Special TPE suspension
    Dark Stabilized Chestnut / Aluminium body
    Exclusive realwood jewelery Box

E.A.T. Jo N°8 Cartridge technical information
Stylus type    Nude Shibata on Boron cantilever
Weight    12,5g
Frequency response    20 – 30.000 Hz (-3dB)
Output voltage    0,3 mV
Channel separation    > 25 dB (1kHz), > 17 dB (15kHz)
Compliance dynamic/lateral    15 μm/mN
Tracking force range    2,0-2,5 g (20-25 mN)
Recommended tracking force    2,3g (23mN)
Tracking angle    20°
Coil wire material    8-Nines copper
Internal impedance, DC resistance    5 Ohm
Recommended load resistance    > 15 Ohm

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