Pro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC Cartridge
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Pro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC CartridgePro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC CartridgePro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC CartridgePro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC Cartridge

Pro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC Cartridge

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Pro-Ject Pick-It MC3 MC Cartridge

The Pick it MC3 is an all-purpose cartridge which delivers powerful and dynamic sound optimised for pop and rock, but also for big orchestral classic.


The Pick it MC3 uses a Pro-Ject specific "Hyper-Spherical“ stylus to pick up the micro information of your vinyl records. The cantilever is cryogenically treated, which realigns the crystal structure and allows a smoother signal transmission. The cross coil is made of ARMCO pure iron with 6N linear crystal copper winding. It offers an output voltage of 0,4 mV and works best with a tracking force of 2 grams/mN.

The body of the Pick it MC3 is made out of aluminium which is anodized in a beautiful steel blue finish which ensures a superior built quality and rigidity. The 1/2 inch mounting standard allows easy top-mounting with the threaded mounting holes. The included transparent stylus protector is easily slid onto the cartridge from the bottom to protect the needle when needed.

Pro-Ject were able to source high quality Japanese parts to design this outstanding cartridge. The assembly and quality control is done in Europe to ensure the highest possible sound quality.

Pro-Ject have extended their Pro-Ject Pick it lineup and are happy to announce the Pick it MC3 as part of their complete new MC cartridge range. Pro-Ject's goal was to create cartridges which technically match their tonearms and reach their vision of sound. Each Pick it MC cartridge pursues a different sound character, but all follow the same main goal to preserve a precise and musical reproduction of vinyl records.

The new Moving Coil Cartridges from Pro-Ject boast beautiful aesthetics with a sleek aluminium body that would look the part on any turntable, and a charming musical presentation that will no doubt leave you wanting more. 

These cartridges have been designed to bring added warmth, and character to the reproduction, along with the expected detail and dynamics that comes with owning a moving coil. The result is a delitghtfully unique experience that highlights all aspects of the recording, bringing to the fore all of the elements of the track that often go unnoticed. 

Listening to these cartridges bring a song to life is a truly beguiling experience; Please contact your local dealer so that you too can witness this in person. 

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