Blue Horizon Proburn Cable Burn In Machine
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Blue Horizon Proburn Cable Burn In Machine

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Blue Horizon Proburn Cable Burn In Machine

The Blue Horizon Proburn is a high quality, dedicated cable burn in machine that dramatically reduces the burn in time required by new cables to sound at their best, and also optimises the performance of existing cables to a level that music simply can’t match. You can use Proburn to burn in RCA interconnects, XLR interconnects or speaker cables.

Cable burn-in is an acknowledged problem that was in need of a better solution. The problem is straightforward. Real music has relatively little high-frequency energy, and thus has a limited ability to improve a cable. Research shows that musical instruments may produce energy above 20kHz, but there is little sound energy above 40kHz. Also, most microphones do not pick up sound at frequencies much higher than 20kHz.

Furthermore, even the best burn-in CDs have a limited effect, owing to the restricted frequency range of a CD player. A typical CD player has a sampling rate of 44.1kHz (Red Book standard). Digital theory (Nyquist) suggests a maximum frequency of 22.05kHz; the highest frequency is always half the sampling frequency.

Advantages of Proburn

The Proburn cable burn-in accelerator from Blue Horizon not only dramatically reduces the burn-in time of all cables, it also optimises their performance to a degree that music can’t match. Proburn does more than simply synthesise music; using specially developed technology, the unit generates a sequence of ultra-low frequencies to penetrate the core of the conductor, and ultra-high frequencies to penetrate both the conductor and the dielectric.

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