Ayre Acoustics -System Burn In CD

Ayre Acoustics -System Burn In CD

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Ayre Acoustics -System Burn In CD

System-Enhancing Burn-in and Test CD

Recently awarded a 'Golden ear' award by the Absolute Sound magazine,

The Irrational, But Efficacious! test CD from Ayre is will enhance your listening enjoyment by improving your audio system.

The main tool is a five-minute glide tone, that when played through your system at a moderately low volume, will improve its sound. Ayre reports that the tone helps demagnetize residual fields that build up in your components over time.

The other tracks have more specialized functions and feature white noise, pink noise, brown noise, etc. All tracks were created digitally with 88.2 kHz, 32-bit resolution. Enhanced resolution transfer to the 44.1 kHz, 16-bit CD format was performed using 0.5 bits of dither with a triangular probability distribution function for maximum fidelity.


1, Short Glide Time
2, White Noise
3, Pink Noise
4, Brown Noise
5, Mono Brown Noise
6, Out of phase Brown Noise
7 Full Glide Tour

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