Van den Hul The MC - Silver IT MkII 75 Ohm
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Van den Hul The MC - Silver IT MkII 75 Ohm

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Van den Hul The MC Silver IT MkII 75 Ohm

This cable is specially adapted to maximum quality 75 Ohm signal transport as found in SPDIF digital audio (CD to DAC) and radio / TV / video (including home theater) applications. However, since the design of this cable only slightly differs from VDH's (now discontinued) MC - Silver IT Mk II Coaxial and employs the same high grade materials, the MC - Silver IT Mk II 75 Ohm is equally well suited to be used in high quality audio applications as a single-ended (unbalanced) interlink as their MC - Silver IT Mk II Coaxial is.

With the MC - Silver IT Mk II 75 Ohm all production handling is done with extreme care and maximum attention is paid to maintain a very constant characteristic impedance along the whole cable as well as in the micro domain to prevent signal reflections even up to very high frequencies.

The centre lead consists of a 19 strand extreme high grade Matched Crystal (MC) extruded OFC with a very high density extruded Matched Crystal (MC) purest silver coating applied in a mechanical processing.

Specifications & Features:

  • The diameter of this centre conductor is: 1.0 mm. and the cross-section area is 0.597 mm². The centre lead resistance is a remarkably low: 28.7 Ohm/km.
  • The typical capacitance is: 56 pF/meter.
  • The insulation between core and shielding is made of Teflon tape in several layers with a typically low relative dielectric constant of 1.4.
  • The shielding is made of a helical wound very pure silver ribbon with external dimensions 2.5 x 0.05 mm.
  • An additional braiding made of 192 x 0.10 mm. Matched Crystal (MC) OFC wires with a very dense coating of very pure silver is used.
  • The external insulation is made of a special type of HULLIFLEX, i.e. HULLIFLEX EHD. This specific insulation material is too costly to be used in all VDH's products.
  • The frequency range is flat to minimal 15 GHz and within 0.92 dB/meter attenuation even up to 21 GHz. And even at 25 GHz the attenuation is just 1.04 dB/meter.
  • The working temperature ranges from -100 to +80 °C (-148 to +176 °F).
  • Precaution must be taken to prevent bending over a very small radius. The minimum safe value of the bending radius is 70 mm. 






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