Graham Slee Libran Balanced Interconnect Cable (Pair)
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Graham Slee Libran Balanced Interconnect Cable (Pair)

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Graham Slee Libran Balanced Interconnect Cable (Pair)

Available in paired lengths of your choice and terminated in gold plated Neutrik XLRs and/or Neutrik TRS-wired jack plugs.

Libran balanced interconnect cables are great for both long and short balanced interconnections such as equipment-to-equipment or equipment-to-powered speakers. They deliver a fantastic sound and are an upgrade to all standard grade cables. The objective is to ensure the best quality sound from your audio system.


  • The Libran is far more flexible and will form a bend radius down to 7cm.
  • It is ultra-low capacitance at only 45pf/m across phases, and 75pf/m either phase to shield.
  • Excellent balance and noise rejection is achieved through its twisted pair construction and foil plus braid shielding which is connected at both ends.
  • All terminations give 360° shielding for high interference immunity.
  • The Libran is suitable for use in both low-impedance, and (up to) 600 Ohm balanced systems.




Available terminations -  XLR male; XLR female; TRS jack plug: 3-circuit

Connector plating -  Gold

Capacitance across phases -  45pf/metre (13pf/foot)

Capacitance phases to shield -  75pf/metre (23pf/foot)

Voltage rating -  300V rms

Lay-up -  Close-coupled slow twist pair

Conductors -  Tinned copper

Core insulation -  Polyethylene

Shield -  90% tined copper braid over aluminium foil + drain wire

Jacket and braid -  PVC

Suggested Direction -  Marked extrusion direction

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