Ecosse Reference The Symphony Interconnect
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Ecosse Reference The Symphony Interconnect

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Ecosse Reference The Symphony Interconnects

Available in RCA to RCA or XLR to XLR

Conceived and designed as an upgrade to the world renowned and multi-award winning Ecosse 'Maestro' MA2 Interconnect (a bloody hard act to follow…) 'The Symphony' is an all-new 'balanced' analogue interconnect cable which easily exceeds these requirements.

Each conductor assembly has a continuous foil shield and drain wire. Isohelix™ is our patented technology for ensuring not only that the signal and return conductors always maintain a precise relationship to each other, but also that externally induced resonance (microphony) is entirely dissipated within its structure, thus fully isolating the conductors from the outside world. A further continuous foil shield and drain wraps the encapsulation before sheathing in soft PVC.

When wired in a 'pseudo-balanced' fashion using RCA 'phono' connections, the screen is connected at one end only to drain unwanted 'noise' RFI. Here the termination is our high. MACH2XS Audiophile deep silver-plated non-compressing all-Copper RCA plugs - where the centre pin and shields (designed to form a 'Faraday Cage'- a device designed to maximise RF screening) are built from copper materials.

For fully balanced equipment, 'The Symphony' is fitted with our Audiophile quality MACH2-XLR Switchcraft plugs which have deep silver-plated pins and solder surfaces. The unique clamping mechanism exerts equal pressure around the circumference of the cable without compression. This ensures a constant impedance from termination to termination and results in an almost perfect signal transfer.

The Symphony, single-ended or balanced, produces a soundscape from an inky blackness that converts your listening room into the recording venue. This interconnect, due to its construction, is directional and an arrow indicates the appropriate direction (RCA).



We sincerely recommend you match this cable from Ecosse's  Monocrystal™ 'speaker' range but, for the ultimate audio experience at this price point, try it in combination with the Ecosse MS4.45 pre-terminated biwire.

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