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Black Rhodium Overture Stereo Interconnects
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Black Rhodium Overture Stereo Interconnects

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Black Rhodium Overture Stereo Interconnects 

High purity silver wire

Overture is made from 99.99% pure silver wire. Silver wire has been chosen for overture because silver wire delivers superior sound quality to all other less expensive metals and is highly conductive. 

Low loss ptfe insulation used to reduce time smeared distortion.

The silver wires in overture are insulated in ptfe because its low dielectric loss ensures extremely low distortion due to dielectric absorption effects in which sound energy is absorbed in the insulation and released at a later interval of time to create highly audible time-smearing distortion. Dielectric distortion is further reduced by a layer of air separating the wire from the inner wall of the insulation along its length.

High optical coverage rfi screening

The pure silver conductors in overture are covered in a braided screen to protect the inner cores from picking up radio frequency interference (rfi) which is further reduced by twisting the cores.
Complementary filtering techniques are additionally applied to ensure that any interference that does penetrate the cable's very effective defences is effectively neutralised preventing audible distortion interfering with the music.
All these treatments are designed to reduce the amount of audible distortion in the cable, allowing cleaner, clearer sounds to be enjoyed from your equipment.

High end plated connectors 

Overture rca cables use the special graham nalty gn-4 rhodium plated rca connectors chosen for outstanding sound quality and ease of use.
Overture xlr cables use the black rhodium rhodium plated xlr connectors chosen because black rhodium testing shows superior sound quality over gold plated connectors.
Overture stereo interconnect cables are hand built at the black rhodium factory in derby using selected components and materials with a proven record for sound quality enhancement as demonstrated in black rhodium's range of high end cables.


  • High purity silver wire
  • Air and low loss ptfe insulation for very low levels of dielectric absorption
  • Mechanical vibration suppression materials used in construction
  • Conductors wired in opposing direction for lower noise floor
  • Twisted conductors for low rfi, with additional rfi suppression
  • Advanced high optical coverage screening braid
  • High quality rhodium plated connectors
  • Hand built at the black rhodium factory in derby


  • 99.99% pure silver conductor wires
  • Insulated in ptfe for low dielectric absorption and clearer sound
  • Braided silver plated copper screen to reduce rfi noised and distortion
  • All connectors rhodium plated for long term reliability and resistance to corrosion
  • Attractive bright blue outer braid
  • Cables can be supplied with either rca or xlr connectors
  • Outer diameter 10mm
  • Capacitance of rca terminated 1m cable 44pf
  • Capacitance of xlr terminated 1m cable (positive to negative) 50 pf
  • Capacitance of xlr terminated 1m cable (positive or negative to ground 90pf)

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